RoFx Review: Safe and trusted way for steady passive income

What Is RoFx?


RoFx is a well-known automated trading system designed and created by experienced traders and software developers in 2009.

The profitable forex robot was opened to the public and provided consistent good trading results since 2010. It offers an average monthly return of 10% on its traders. You can earn passive income with its assistance, resulting from the investment made by you. RoFx allows the users to monitor the robot’s trades which makes it a transparent company. The fully computerized and AI-driven EA provides an impressively low drawdown. The best part is that the company compensates for the losses of the traders with its reserve fund. This is why financial forums are filled with positive feedback on RoFx, and we will justify those with an honest review. 

Automated forex trading: the basics

Automated forex trading refers to using EAs or robots for trading on a specific asset. A trading robot can be used as an indicator to point out when to buy or sell, but it can also execute trades independently with no human interaction. While most forex robot sellers claim their system to be profitable, only a few of them are truly capable of generating profits. You need to keep in mind that financial markets change fast. An EA can only be called reliable if it can deliver good performance under all market conditions because this is what most robots fail to accomplish. 

How does it work?

An EA is generally installed within the MetaTrader Software’s experts’ directory. The trading software can open or close trades according to the set algorithm and it can work entirely automatically on the set inputs. Traders can have the benefit of the backtesting feature on a demo account to see whether the automated trading system works or not. 

Scams of forex robot

Since the beginning of the trading era, traders have had to deal with scams in every sector of financial markets. Especially beginners and inexperienced traders are easily conned as they get tempted by “Get rich quick” and “Earn with 0 afford” schemes. Numerous trading robots are available out there that give assurance of 100% return or more within a month. However, the reality is far from that. These robots are not able to produce even 10% and they can wipe your account off money eventually. Most of the EAs are poorly programmed. As a result, they do not consider the factors like market conditions and inconsistency of the market during trading. 

Pros and Cons of automated forex trading


  • Brilliant source of passive income
  • Greater risk management with stop loss and take
  • Elimination of any emotions
  • Fully automated trading handled by the EA
  • No need to be a trading expert
  • Backtesting result within minutes
  • Irrelevance of loss of internet connection


  • Some EAs neglect economic and political news
  • Some EAs work without a stop loss

Is the company legitimate?

The fintech company RoFx has offices in multiple locations like the US, the UK, and Hong Kong. The head office of the company is in the UK where you can visit anytime with an appointment. The company also has an annual conference that is specially arranged for VIP clients. However, an average client may also attend the conference by making a request to the support team. 

RoFx is a software company and it develops AI. Hence, it is not required to be regulated. However, the company is linked with top brokerage firms in America, Europe, and Asia. This is enough proof that RoFx is a legitimate company. 

Why RoFx? Why not other EAs?

Although there are many forex trading robots in the market, the process of automated trading offered by RoFx is on a whole different level than the rest. All you need to start is depositing your money and the robot takes care of everything. You can deposit in Euro, US dollars, and Bitcoin. Unlike other trading robots, RoFx does not have hassles of installation and customization of settings. Important features of this robot include –

  1. Easy: The service can be accessed via the RoFx website. The company offers profitable packages for low-performance gees. The base package offers a minimum of 50% of daily profit and it increases up to 95% as the investors increase their investment. With this easy-to-use interface, anyone can invest efficiently without any knowledge about forex. 
  2. Intelligent: RoFx is consistent in offering profitable trades and has continued to do so without a fail for the last ten years. The self-learning neural network installed in the robot helps it scan the charts and information on the markets continuously so it can be more profitable. You only need a computer and a handful of cash to use this fully automated process. 
  3. History: The performance of RoFx for the last ten years is great proof that the EA is profitable. You can see the robot’s daily profit and monthly gains on the official site of the robot. These results are verified by Myfxbook, which is a well-known forex site for displaying any trading account’s history. 
  4. Risk-free environment: Traders will never lose their money while trading with forex. At Myfxbook, you can see a monthly analytics chart that shows the algorithm’s performance of RoFx through all these years. As displayed in the results, you will not see any month that is in the negative, which is enough proof of the system’s skilled and efficient functionality. Even if a trader suffers from loss, the company backs it up by the company’s reserve fund so the trader does not lose any money. Most trading robots use risky strategies on the account and do not trade with stop loss and it results in blowing up the money of the client. RoFx, however, uses stop loss. Moreover, it uses no leverage. 
  5. Responsive customer support: Helpful and responsive customer support is very important for the traders, but most famous trading robots like Odin, GPS, and Hamster Scalping neglect this fact. On the contrary, RoFx offers customer support 24/7 via email and live chat. 

More information about RoFx

As mentioned earlier, RoFx does not require download and installation. To access its services, you need to visit the website and register an account. Then, you can deposit some money in the account and the robot is ready to go. Keep in mind that you will have to deposit a minimum of $1000 to start trading. The robot’s work can be monitored by logging in. You can also determine future gains by using the profit calculator. 

RoFx offers easy withdrawal services with a minimum cash out of $1000. If you want to withdraw an amount lower than $1000, you will have to use Bitcoin using the exchange option in the account menu. The company does not charge any withdrawal fee, but the bank charges a commission if the user chooses to draw out money after the package is expired. The good thing is that this fee is paid by the company. Therefore, you can withdraw your money whenever you want. 

Deposit options are also straightforward as the users can put their cash easily with their credit cards, bank transfer, and Bitcoin. Domestic ACH is available for US customers as well. 


The problem with most trading robots in the market is that they offer great results for a certain period but fail to keep up the performance for a long time. The ridiculous claims of the robots to give you 200% monthly gain are meaningless with little to no backtesting history. Novice traders are easily fooled by these scammers. RoFx, however, provides the traders with a clear and straightforward concept through an easy-to-use user interface. Daily gains made by the robot, verified records of Myfxbook, and 24/7 customer support show the credibility of the robot. The 8%-10% monthly gain offered by the robot is enough to make any professional trader happy.

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