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Jae Park: How to become a millionaire


15th Jul 2021 Managing your Money

Jae Park: How to become a millionaire

Jae Park became a millionaire at twenty-three years old.

What was life like for you in your early twenties? Were you dorming or budgeting for your next set of textbooks? As a college drop-out, Jae knew that school wasn’t for him. At the age of twenty-three after multiple failed start-ups and job opportunities, he founded his highly lucrative advertising firm. After trial and error, Jae made his first million at twenty-three years old. What pushed him to keep going? Jae will tell you that it’s about thinking outside the box and proving your doubters wrong.

Find out your why

At the age of eleven, Jae’s family immigrated to the states from Korea during and found themselves in a tough financial situation. On top of their financial woes, they even struggled to keep food on the table.

These experiences pushed Jae to strive for success. Not only for himself, but for his family. At 12 year old he was washing cars for money, at 16 years old he was flipping car parts, at 21 years old he was making six figures as a  car salesman, and at 23 he owned multiple businesses and reached his first million.

Fast forward, both his parents are retired, he runs a financial firm, and he lives in his dream home. How did he achieve financial success at such a young age and in a short period of time?

Here are the tips he shares with all of us on how to achieve financial wealth.

How to make your first million

With drive and determination, you too, can reach financial wealth. Here are some tips we’ve gathered from Jae Park’s story:

1 – Focus on accomplishing one task at a time

You may get ambitious and want to start multiple projects at once to increase your chances of success. Jae focused all his energy and efforts into one project at a time.

2 – Develop your online skills

The future is most definitely digital. An internet skill is about as evergreen a business idea as it gets. If you can design web pages, graphics, or develop other online products, then you may be on track to becoming the internet mogul you have always dreamed about.

3 – Determination & working around the clock

There’s no such thing at 9 to 5 when it comes to success. Jae had to work day and night to ensure his level of success. He grew his business from the ground up. While the journey was rough, nevertheless, he persisted, and that persistence got him to where he is today.

Get online, find your niche, focus, and don’t give up. If you can follow these golden rules, you will make your first million in no time.

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