How we saved Reader's Digest readers £280

So we told you collective switching could save you over £200 on average and we went on to save Reader’s Digest switchers an average of over £280.

A special thank you to Reader’s Digest trail blazers

Reader’s Digest invited readers to participate in its first Reader’s Digest Collective Energy Switch in January this year.  Those of you who participated should see the last of your winter energy bills reduced and be well placed to not worry about energy prices for another year.


How we saved Reader’s Digest switchers on average over £280

We gathered together like-minded readers who wanted to review their energy and switch in an easy and safe way through Reader’s Digest.  In February an auction was held in which the suppliers competed to win your custom with their best rates.


We found you rates better than any available direct or via comparison sites!

Our auction was so successful that we secured tariffs, which on the day of the auction, were cheaper than any other tariffs on the open market.  The tariffs were compared using average usage as stipulated by the regulator, Ofgem, but you don’t need to rely on industry averages.


How will I know if the rate is good for me if I am not an ‘average’ household?

When you register for one of our schemes, you tell us how much you spend now.  This means that once we have secured our auction winning tariff, we can let you know how much you would spend on the new tariff VS your current tariff and your own personalized savings.



How much does it cost to join?

It’s free.


Do I have to accept the winning tariff?

No.  You will receive details explaining how much you could save and at that stage you decide if you would like to make the saving.  There is no obligation.


What could you do with £280?

Well, we will be asking the readers who already switched what they are doing with their savings.  But in our recent reader research many of you said you would like to spend a couple of hundred pounds on home improvements.  Of course, you get to choose to spend the money on energy bills or on yourself!


Win £100 high street shopping vouchers

Not only are we giving you the opportunity to save some money, but if you tell your friends, family and neighbours to sign up too, you could be one of five lucky winners of £100 high street shopping vouchers.


Save money while the sun is shining

Many people only think about switching energy bills in winter when they are already using more power than they do in the spring and summer months.  Switch now and you will be ready for winter.  Maybe it means you could turn your heating on a bit earlier in the autumn!