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How to Save on Your Next Holiday


1st Jan 2015 Managing your Money

How to Save on Your Next Holiday

Sometimes we all need to take some time off from our everyday lives, but holidays can become costly adventures and in these tough economic times may make you question whether you can afford to take that deserved break. To help you out, this guide will show you how to save money on holidays, so you can enjoy a lovely time without breaking the budget.

Book Either Early or Late

When it comes to booking your holiday you want to either book well ahead or decide your destination at the last minute. Hotels, transport and even entertainment such as theatre tickets tend to be priciest during the peak booking time, which is often around a month before travel.

If you’re working, try to fix your annual holiday well in advance and make your reservations at least two months prior to your holiday. On the other hand, if you are retired and available to leave at a few days notice, then booking last minute holiday deals may be a cheaper alternative.

Find Deals Online

When it comes to saving money the internet is the best place to go, this is true even for holidays. You can find all the cheapest deals online for hotels, theatre tickets and plane tickets.

In many cases, booking each aspect of your holiday separately will end up costing less than picking a full holiday package. This might not always be the case, so do shop around and consider whether the hassle of booking things separately is worth it. Holidaymakers offer a range of affordable packages these days, so you might end up saving money with all-inclusive deals.

A number of websites offer amazing holiday deals. For cheaper plane tickets, you can check out Expedia or if you are looking to rent a car for your holiday, you can visit For great hotel deals, the Last Minute website offers a wide range of hotels and you can often find plenty of exclusive offers there.

In addition, you can save money by checking online comparison websites for travel insurance. This can often be a costly part of the holiday, so remember to check with different insurance companies to ensure you don’t end up paying too much.

Consider Group Holidays

Group travel can be a fun way to save money on a holiday and it naturally also means you have plenty of company on your travels. Even if your children are older and have families of their own, it would be wonderful and cheaper to all go away together. Alternatively, you could ask your friends to travel with you.

The great thing about going on a group holiday is that it offers you the option to book a villa at the destination. The more people you have at the villa, the cheaper the cost will be per person. Some great house swap options are even available and suitable for group travel and can save you a lot of money.

Be Smart with Your Money

There are countless smaller aspects to saving money on your holiday and changing money is one of them. You often lose out a lot by changing money at a bank and even specialised currency services can sometimes charge a large commission fee. Don’t settle with the first quote you get, but shop around to ensure you find the right deal.

In addition, your credit card provider might charge up to 2.5% on every transaction you make abroad. Make sure you check how your credit card operates and find out if you can change it to a card that won’t apply an extra fee.

Do Something Different

When you are considering how to save money on a holiday, thinking outside the box can end up costing you a lot less. Instead of booking the usual transportation, check if there are alternative routes to take. Travelling by train or coach can end up costing less and be a fun adventure on its own.

Furthermore, consider your destination carefully. Exchange rates tend to be more beneficial in countries that don’t use the Euro or the US dollar, especially in the current economic climate. You can save money by travelling somewhere else. On the other hand, if you normally travel abroad for your holidays, you could consider staying in the British Isles. There are plenty of fantastic locations to explore.

Finally, when you are at your destination, be smart with the choices you make. You can often save a lot of money by using the public transport instead of taking taxis or hiring a car. Additionally, if you go to a typical tourist destination, venture a bit further from the big hotels and tourist locations. Restaurants that are not located right next to a hot tourist spot cost a lot less. When it comes to saving money on a holiday, it always helps to look around and shop for different deals.

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