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Save on your bills and make the most of your savings


30th Jan 2020 Managing your Money

Save on your bills and make the most of your savings

Look After My Bills is a revolutionary service which takes the hassle out of energy bills. Their expert team manage the whole process for you; from running the comparison, to sourcing a deal and the switch itself. You can be safe in the knowledge you’re on a cheap energy deal every year. 

Members of the service save on average £250 a year on their bills. There are so many more exciting ways you could spend that money than on a rip-off energy deal! Sign up here in two minutes.

1) Gym membership

We all know the importance of staying active. The gym offers a great incentive to get some exercise while escaping the chillier weather. Admittedly, gym membership isn’t always on the cheap side, so it’s great to have a bit more money in your back pocket from saving on your bills.

2) Cinema tickets

Sinking into a velvety chair with the nostalgic smells of popcorn wafting around you… There’s nothing like heading off to the pictures on a soggy Sunday afternoon. Whether you’re the world’s biggest Tom Cruise fan, a sucker for a superhero film or have a penchant for an arty foreign film the cinema is a great way to spend your savings.


3) A trip away

With flights cheaper than most train journeys nowadays, satisfying your wanderlust and discovering a whole new place is easier than ever. £250 could sort your flights, get you a super swish apartment and even a pint at the airport to get you in the holiday mood.

4) Car tax

Granted it’s not the most glamourous of treats but if you have a family sized car, car tax could set you back about £150 a year. The satisfaction of saving cash on your energy bills year on year can make this little expense slightly less of a sting.

5) A family day out

Desperately running out of ideas of how to keep kids entertained? Now you can treat them to a truly, exciting day out (and win the award for COOLEST parent/aunty/grandparent). £250 will get you five day tickets to Alton Towers for a day to remember.

6) National Trust membership

The dog is getting noticeably tired of the usual route around the park and you’re itching to explore more of the British countryside. The National Trust offers an abundance of stunning, architecture, gardens from the coast to the countryside. Annual membership is a great way to spend your extra cash - and extra time since you no longer have to trawl through dull comparison sites!


Got some questions? Want to find out more? Click here for our in-depth article on the service. 

Sold? You can sign up here in just 2 minutes.

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