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How to cut catering costs for your wedding day

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How to cut catering costs for your wedding day
Looking to save a few pennies on your wedding without sacrificing quality? Wedding venue providers Langley Castle share their top tips for cutting your catering costs
From the dress to finding the right caterers, weddings can cost a pretty penny to be perfect. And with the average cost of catering being £65 a head in 2021, it is no wonder that couples are looking to cut their costs when it comes to the food. 
A wedding reception of 100 people could cost upwards of £650—and this is without the little extras to make it perfect. 
Langley Castle, north east wedding venue providers, give some tips and tricks for reducing your catering costs to get the most out of your wedding—even if you are still a foodie!

Shop around

One way to ensure you are getting the best deal when it comes to your wedding catering is to shop around. While it can be time-consuming, making sure you are assessing all your options is the best way to keep your costs down
Not only will this give you the understanding to know what you are looking for, but also what the standard price is. This can help you avoid the pitfall of vendors taking your lack of knowledge as a way to increase the price. Finding vendors who have established pricing structures set out can also help here. 
"One way to ensure you are getting the best deal when it comes to your wedding catering is to shop around"
Katie Livingstone-Evans Lowes, weddings and events coordinator at Langley Castle says: “Take time to see out all your options. When it comes to driving costs down for the big day, research is your best friend. 
“To find a vendor that can provide what you need in your budget can take a bit of time, but knowing what you are looking for before enquiring can help you get the best results.”

Ask the venue

Whether you are hosting in a castle wedding venue or a barn, the venue you are hiring can help reduce the cost of your catering costs. 
Lowes continues: “Some venues have their own catering staff at the ready to help on your big day. And by adding catering into your venue package, you could get a nice discount. 
“Discussing your needs for the day with the venue, and their wedding planning teams, can help you plan the perfect wedding which is both easier and cheaper than going it alone.”
For venues that don’t have their own catering staff, but regularly host weddings, they might have a caterer they frequently work with. This can often include exclusive discounts for the venue and so they are always a good place to look when starting to look for your caterer. 

Order in season

The season you decide to have a wedding has a big impact on the pricings you will encounter. Not only will venues and vendors be more expensive during peak-wedding season, but also what food you are looking to serve will depend on its availability. 
"Ordering food which is out of season can drive up the price as it is more difficult for vendors to provide"
Lowes says: “When planning your wedding you should choose vegetables and other produce in line with the season. Ordering food which is out of season can drive up the price as it is more difficult for vendors to provide.”
Local suppliers can also help reduce your costs. Choosing ingredients readily available close to your venue can lower the transportation needed and help drive down your costs for the big day—while also supporting local businesses. 

Simple but delicious menu

Instead, choose a simple, yet delicious, menu. There is no need for a complex, five-course meal for your wedding day—your guests are there to celebrate you and your spouse, not the food. 
Lowes says: “Deciding on a simple menu can reduce the cost and time required by your caterers, meaning that you could help reduce your prices. You might opt for a buffet instead of a sit-down meal, for example.
Wedding buffet
“But you don’t always have to compromise for your big day. If you and your partner are foodies and look forward to sharing your passion with your loved ones, then simply making sure that you plan your food ahead of time can help reduce the cost without compromising on the menu itself.”
Providing the menu to your guests with their RSVP can mean that you can track what people are planning to eat on the day, letting your catering staff know in advance how much they will be cooking of each meal. 
"Finding the right food for your big day might take some time and planning, but it is worth it in the end"
This will not only reduce the cost required to provide the different meals, but it can also cut down on the leftovers too.
Finding the right food for your big day might take some time and planning, but it is worth it in the end. 
Whether you are looking forward to the dancing and prefer a buffet or a couple of foodies excited for an exquisite sit-down meal, finding a price within your budget isn’t impossible, no matter your preferences.
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