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How to create a successful crypto project marketing strategy

How to create a successful crypto project marketing strategy
The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly. Crypto assets are a hot topic, while Metaverse and NFT trends are only growing the demand for cryptocurrencies.
According to a report published in 2021, over 97% of crypto users have confidence in this new revolution. But if you are prepared to enter this space and beat your competition, you need a strong marketing strategy.
With the number of projects entering this space, you need to differentiate your business from the vast range of competitors. You need a well-thought-out course of action to reach your target audience and gain profit. That's why creating a solid crypto marketing strategy is more vital than ever.
Having the right strategy in place also helps you avoid unnecessary spending and reduce time to market your project. Gaining users' trust is the first thing to consider if you want your project to become successful. In other words, doing something just to try is like throwing arrows in the dark.
The crypto and blockchain market overall offers so many opportunities for businesses, so you don't want to miss them. Explore how to develop a successful crypto marketing strategy that can help you benefit from market possibilities in the future.

Know Your Target Customer

While it may sound obvious, you'll be surprised to know how many exciting products have failed just because of wasting money on the audience that didn't fit them. In addition, just knowing what your potential customers are is not enough today. You need to think about them, know what they like, what they don't like, what works for them and what doesn't.
If you don't know what problems your product can solve, you won't be able to identify your perfect customers as well. Research competitors that provide the same products as you find their value determine your value, and mission, learn more about their customers and so on. It is a long process, but it is worth the time.
But how can you determine if the person on the internet can become your next customer?
Create a testing marketing strategy on people you think may become your target audience and try. If it doesn't bring any results, change your plan and audience. Make it shorter and broader, choose other locations and so on.
Thk of the following aspects when creating your perfect ICP:
Explore where your customers are located, their age, gender, income and education.
What websites and stores do they attend, what brands do they like, and why.
Key Purchase Drivers
These are particular features the customer is looking for in the products.
Fear & Frustration
The critical problem most of your customers face and what motivates them to find a solution.

Research Your Competitors

Even though this step can be done while identifying the target audience stage, it plays a key role in your success, so you can do it separately. Knowing competitors is not only great for exploring the market but also can be a valuable tool for learning best practices to follow and mistakes to avoid. Competitive research allows you to learn what common problems customers face in the industry and how you can differentiate by addressing their needs. Therefore, you will know the main gaps in the space and provide relevant solutions, which already makes you better than half of the projects available today.

Create SMART Marketing Goals

You may wonder what smart goals mean. Aren't all goals smart when it comes to marketing? No. To convert your efforts into results, use a marketing strategy that will be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.
Specific goals
This means that you are setting detailed enough to work on. For instance, wanting to achieve more customers this month is not precise. Try to set the goal of achieving twice as many customers as the previous month.
If you can't measure your goal, it won't give results. Replace the goal 'Increase customer loyalty, with 'Get five referrals from the referral page".
Make sure to set realistic and achievable goals. You can't achieve everything in one month. Not achieving all your goals will hurt, and you may lose motivation. Make sure you go step by step.
Relevant goals are relevant to the current situation. If your goal is to gain revenue, set a marketing strategy that will work for that. If you want to gain customers' loyalty, set a strategy for that.
Set your goals with time. Choose the team to see results, whether a week, month or year.

Select your marketing channels

Crypto marketing differs from regular marketing, so you need to find relevant marketing channels. That is why most crypto projects use a crypto SEO agency to help find the best places to place ads and promote the project. Experts can greatly help you connect with your audience and gain their trust while also sharing your products and overcoming competitors in this challenging market.

Engage Customers With Creative Ideas

Crypto worlds don't survive without proper engagement. People love assets as they open new opportunities for them. Therefore it will be a great idea to give users a wholesome reason to engage with your content over your competitors.
One simple way to keep your customer engaged is by rewarding their loyalty. Let's explore some most effective ways you can do this:
Referral Programs
It is a pretty classic yet effective way. Referral programs not only keep existing customers engaged but also help you attract new and relevant ones. It means that you need to provide some prize or money for those customers that bring new ones using your referral link.
It is a new and exciting marketing event where those who are already in your crypto community or want to join can get cryptocurrencies or money. You can announce a simple task, like sharing your project online, and winners get their prizes.
Influencer Marketing
Find a celebrity, professional athlete or someone popular in the crypto world and ask them to promote your project via social media for payment. This type of marketing is excellent for the crypto market as the crypto community tends to believe experts, and you will get lots of new customers already familiar with what you offer.

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