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How Bitcoin found a safe haven in the gaming industry


16th Feb 2021 Managing your Money

How Bitcoin found a safe haven in the gaming industry

Video games have remained popular for a long time. They are stilled played by millions of people all over the world. The games come in different genres since different people have different preferences. Naturally, they don’t all look the same.

However, game development companies strive to bring out the best in their games. Most of them feature HD graphics and smooth mechanics accompanied by an appropriate soundtrack. All of this is possible simply because the industry keeps track of trends. Technological trends are incorporated in the industry and they are the reasons that the games and gaming devices improved. Also, devices such as mobile phones and tablets got their market – the mobile gaming market.

The current trend that’s gotten the attention of pretty much everyone is Bitcoin. It gives us a new kind of currency that is unlike the ones we use. It’s a cryptocurrency and every operation with it is done online. Bitcoin has already been accepted by many companies but has also been incorporated into the gaming industry. Some online gaming venues accept it as a payment method for gift cards.

But the influence of this cryptocurrency extends further. Namely, the blockchain technology has been inspiring to some game developers. That’s how a few Bitcoin titles came to be. So, if you’re looking to get into some of them here are a few suggestions:

Bitcoin Hero

This title is a trading simulator app which means that new Bitcoin traders will find it useful. It offers virtual currency for you to trade with and gives you some tools to analyze the market with. Naturally, there’s competition in the form of other players. In short, with Bitcoin Hero, you’ll learn the basics of Bitcoin trading and get that practice you need.

Bitcoin trading boils down to making the right decisions in various situations. This can be difficult at times which is why you can rely on trading platforms to do that for you. Luckily, there are plenty of such platforms to choose from and one of them is Bitcoin Loophole. To use its services you’ll need to make an sign up to Bitcoin Loophole and deposit the minimum amount. Then you need to go over the tutorials and the demo lesson so you can understand the settings better. Once that’s done, you can test the platform out with a live session. You can change the settings whenever you want after that.

Bitcoin Blast

Bitcoin Blast is a different kind of game. It’s a matching game and you get the Bitcoin symbol in various colors. It’s a game that can help you relax. Also, the more matches you have the more points you’ll get, and the more the game will praise you for your achievements. But, that’s not all as the game offers a variety of rewards that come in different Bitcoin amounts. In other words, you’ll have a blast with Bitcoin Blast and have a second source of income regardless if you trade Bitcoin or not.

Altcoin Fantasy

This is another trading simulator app. Unlike Bitcoin Hero, it doesn’t just support Bitcoin but it supports other cryptocurrencies as well. The other players will serve as your competition and you’ll have tools to research the market with.

 Assets have real-time prices and you collect ACF points when you trade successfully. Moreover, this game organizes competitions and rewards the top trader accordingly. These competitions are a great way of testing your trading skills and if they’re high enough you can win a prize in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you prefer. In other words, it pays off to play Altcoin Fantasy.

Merge Cats

This is a game with a simple goal that’s right there in the title. You’ll come across various fluffy cats and you need to merge them. Naturally, you’ll get rewarded for your merging skills. Also, the game offers daily challenges that will reward you with Bitcoin, if you decide to complete them.


When you consider how much the gaming market’s worth, you’ll realize that the gaming industry will grow even further into the future. Bitcoin will play an important part in that role as it gets more acceptance as a viable payment method and more development studios decide to produce other Bitcoin titles.

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