How a collective energy switch could save you £353

You may remember we told you about our Reader's Digest collective energy switching schemes? We have now run two schemes and they have worked so well, we are building up to the third!


By grouping together, Reader's Digest collective energy switch saved their readers an average of £353!


Have readers been able save money?

Yes! So far, the average saving for each household to switch their energy supplier has been an amazing £353. The equivelant to your energy supplier dropping a pound coin into a jar every day for almost the whole year!


How does collective energy switching work?

Our readers can register their interest to take part in the next scheme online here or by calling 0800 048 8116. From there we gather together all those who registered, using your combined buying power to ask the suppliers for better rates than you will be able to secure on your own.


Does it work?

Yes! In the schemes run for our readers, both the dual fuel and electricity only tariffs have been cheaper than the best available in the open market. 


If I switched before, do I need to do so again?

Yes. When you switch tariffs it is often for a one year fixed deal. 

Once this expires you will be moved on to a less competitive tariff – often called ‘standard variable’. 

If it is more than a year since you switched, your savings are likely to be greater. But even if you switched more recently it could still be worth seeing if you can save.


Isn’t it complicated?

No. If you have a recent bill, all the information needed should be easy to find. If you are struggling, you can call our helpline on 0800 048 8116.


Is it the same as price comparison sites?

No. Price comparison sites monitor the deals available on the open market. Reader's Digest Collective schemes have consistently secured better dual fuel and electricity only deals for readers than they could have found on the open market.


What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. It is free to join and there is no obligation for you to accept the winning offer. Your contact details will only be used for the purpose of your participation in the collective schemes and will not be passed on to third parties unrelated to the schemes.


You may be asking yourself why you have not already saved £350 on your energy

A switch in time saves hundreds of pounds.