Green investments: what are they?

Pure play green investments

When is it green and when is it not?

An example of a green investment

The risks

The huge push to conduct green activities and produce environmentally friendly products is a relatively new thing, and so many green companies are at a very early stage of development. This poses certain risks when it comes to purchasing shares in such companies. While the value of these organisations would soar were they to achieve success, there is no guarantee that this will happen. So, green investments will often mean parting with a fair bit of money to invest in a company which is only projected to make a great deal of profit.

The production of wind farms, the reduction of carbon emissions, and recycling; these are just a few of the ways in which both people and companies can help conserve our natural resources and slow down global warming. Green investments are a great option for those keen to contribute to a greener, cleaner future and perhaps make some money in the process. Shares in green companies are the new trend, and look set to continue their meteoric rise in popularity.