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Cultivate a sustainable future with Westbrooke Associates

Cultivate a sustainable future with Westbrooke Associates
Westbrooke Associates firmly believe that protecting and progressing our planet is the best legacy that we can leave for our grandchildren and future generations.
Quickly identifying up-and-coming opportunities before they reach the masses, Westbrooke Associates is the brokerage responsible for establishing links with companies engaging in cutting-edge, breakthrough technologies.
As such, we focus on offering sound, government-backed, pioneering investment opportunities in progressive sustainability. As part of an exciting new wave of innovation, Westbrooke Associates is now driving investment into vertical farming to expand, scale and meet demand.

What is vertical farming?

People are often surprised to learn that vertical farming has a rich history dating back to ancient times. Powered with great potential to feed the world, vertical farming is pioneering the way forward for growing crops indoors in vertically stacked layers. Instead of sunlight and rain, vertical farms use climate-controlled conditions, LED lighting and precision watering and nutritional systems.
Westbrooke Associates targets relevant investments for today’s marketplace
Revolutionising the way we grow food on a global scale, vertical farming is rapidly becoming the answer to the global food crisis. Working alongside one of the largest vertical farms in the UK, together, we believe that science and technology hold the key to a more sustainable future.
An emerging global market forecasted to be worth £17 billion by 2026, investing in vertical farming is not only profitable but also secures food supplies for future generations.
Why Westbrooke Associates supports vertical farming 
With countless advantages for both the grower and the consumer, this highly productive method of farming allows crops to absorb oxygen and generate all the oils and sugars they need to taste delicious.
Eliminating the use of pesticides and providing faster crop growth with an extended shelf life, vertical farming tackles the problems of soil degradation, food miles, seasonality and water.
Alongside being safe and clean, vertical farming also:
  • Prevents deforestation and minimises waste
  • Eliminates the use of chemicals and pesticides
  • Conserves water and is energy efficient
  • Reduces CO2 and methane emissions
  • Alleviates pressure on arable land
A new era for flourishing investment opportunities 
As more and more vertical farms are establishing themselves on a global scale, private and government funds are supporting, promoting and integrating their approach.
Westbrooke Associates is offering qualifying investors the chance to invest in vertical farming, with an enterprise value of £75 million. Director, Duncan Bannatyne OBE, founder of The Bannatyne Group and business angel on the BBC program, Dragon’s Den is also supporting development as the company provides superior solutions to conventional farming challenges.
This industry-leading investment opportunity holds multiple potential exit routes including IPO, management buyback, strategic merger or a trade deal.
Moreover, with significant UK tax benefits and reliefs, this presents a unique opportunity to cultivate a more sustainable future, protect the wellbeing of future generations and make your savings bloom.
Seize this opportunity today! For more information, visit our website at www.westbrookeassociates.com or give us a call on 0203 745 0294.
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