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Comparison sites are boring


30th Jan 2020 Managing your Money

Comparison sites are boring

Can’t someone sort my bills for me? Let’s be honest, even for the nimblest of typers and the savviest of comparison site users, you’re still left with the lingering uncertainty that you might not be making the right choice and are yet again getting ripped off for your energy bills.

Look After My Bills is a service like no other. They take all the tedious bits of doing your energy bills and leave you with the cream of the crop: a cheap deal, a reliable energy company and peace of mind every year.

How does it work?

Look After My Bills sorts the whole process for you: running a comparison, finding a deal and switching your supply. When your current deal runs out, we find you a new one. It’s a no-nonsense way to say “Yes I want to save money” once and once and for all. How do they find a supplier I like? They personalise your comparison according to your preferences. For example, if you care about green energy, they can filter your switches to suppliers who do renewable energy only tariffs.

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"They’ve moved over £100 million of energy custom and saved their members £250 on average"

Am I still in control?

Yes you are always in control, every step of the way. Look After My Bills keeps you updated on the whole process and reports back to you with all the details of your switch. You can opt out of the service at any time and if you’re unhappy with a switch, you have a cooling off period of 14 days to cancel should you wish. You still have direct contact with your supplier through emails or letters and when you provide your meter readings each month or so.

How can I trust you to make the right call?

Look After my Bills have got years of experience in the energy industry through our consumer collective the Big Deal. They’ve moved over £100 million of energy custom and saved their members £250 on average and a staggering £25 million in total! The feedback to the service has been incredible and they have an impressive 9.2 Trustpilot score.


The smart way to do your bills

Nowadays, people are outsourcing more and more of their personal admin. And quite right too. We have much better things to do than trawl through comparison sites, be glued to the phone talking to suppliers or have to set calendar reminders to switch again. All that can be firmly put in the past.

So why not save yourself precious time and money and let Look After My Bills manage it all for you!

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