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Check out these top five money-saving apps


1st Jan 2015 Managing your Money

Check out these top five money-saving apps
If you've got a smartphone or tablet, make sure you put it to work. It isn't just a fun tool to have, it can also save you money, says money expert Harvey Jones.
There are thousands of apps out there to help you manage your money better, or make big savings when you go shopping.
Some cost just a few pounds to download. Many are free. The choice is endless, but here are five worth looking at.


Cost: £2.99
This money management app is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad. It allows you to keep all your accounts, bills, budgets and transactions in one place, for easy reference. You can also sync your personal financial data across different devices, so you can keep on top of your money, and update the information, wherever you are. MoneyWiz claims to offer "military grade security" to protect your personal details.


Cost: free
The popular mySupermarket website allows you to compare the cost of a shopping list of groceries from Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Lidl and Aldi. This allows you to work out which is cheapest for your weekly shop, so you can head for the cheapest. Its free app, which is iPhone and iPad compatible, lets you take your list into the store. It includes a barcode scanner that allows you to check products in your own cupboard to see where they are cheapest that day. With the average family spending around £100 a week on groceries, the savings can be huge.

Savings Goals

Cost: 69p
If you're saving for a new car, house deposit, a holiday or just putting some money aside, this app can help you hit your goal. You enter a target amount and an optional target date, and the app suggests a savings schedule and tracks your progress. You can have as many savings goals as you need. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Meter Readings

Cost: 99p
This app helps you save money on your gas, electricity and water bills, by letting you monitor your usage. Once you enter your readings, the app shows how much energy or water you have used, and how much it will cost. Available for iPhone and iPad, it also allows you to compare energy supplier prices in your area to see if you can save money elsewhere. You can even switch suppliers directly from your device.


Cost: free.
This site uses GPS technology to find the best deals and discounts in your area. Once you have selected the offer you want, this free app lets you download the voucher straight to your phone. Current offers include 25% off food at restaurants Ask or Strada, £10 off when you spend £20 in-store at The Body Shop, and £100 off selected long haul bookings at Thomson Holidays.
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