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9 ways to save money


5th Dec 2019 Managing your Money

9 ways to save money

There are many big and small ways to save more money. Here are some cash saving pointers for families coping in these hard-economic times.

1. If you use credit cards, switch to cards that pay you back in some way - look at cards that offer either cash dividends, miles, petrol or items that may be useful day to day.

2. Think about cutting your children's hair yourself - there are many how to tutorials online as well as "how to" e-books that you can access in your local library. 

3. Check your insurance policies. All Insurance can be Mis-sold, including life insurance. A simple review of all your family insurances can save you thousands of pounds every year. Read here about how to save on your life insurance. 

4. You can save a lot of cash throughout the year by t coloring your  own hair and doing your own highlights. For example if you spend on average £60 at the hairdressers every six weeks thats ovee £500 you could be saving. Once you've got the hang of doing it yuorself it also becomes pretty quick and easy meaning you'll save yourself some time too. You can locate hair dye kits with instructions at all your major supermarkets and chemists.

5. Take snacks and drinks for the children with you when you go on family outings (except if you decide to visit an area that specifically prohibits outdoor meals and beverages). Not only will you be saving money, but it also means you'll avoid the lengthy waiting lines that enivitably they'll be and you'll also avoid buying junk meals and caffeinated sugary liquids so it will also be better for your families health.

6. Bake your own desserts (from a pre-mixed blend) - many parents with busy work and family lives will often weigh up if the financial savings made from deciding to bake your own cake and slave in the kitchen for hours is actually worth it,  but with pre-mixed blends you can have a dozen cupcakes made up in minutes.

7. Buy own brand over-the-counter pills, cleaning resources, groceries, ink cartridges, and anything else you can find - they work out much cheaper.

8. Wash your own car rather than getting it valetted - if you get your car done for you every month then across the year you can save up to £180 by doing it yourself.

9. Instead of buying in pizza or McDonalds to your children's party, make little lovable sandwiches with turkey, cheese, ham and jam - much cheaper and the kids will still love them. 

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