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6 Money podcasts you should be listening to

6 Money podcasts you should be listening to

If you're thinking of stale financial commentaries on how to spend your pennies, think again. These money podcasts are the real deal

You can listen to shows to help you grow your investments, find the latest deals, prepare for retirement or start your own business. All for free!

There’s a huge number to choose from so I’ve pulled together a list of what I think are the best ones to start you off.

All the podcasts I’ve picked are jargon-free and hosted by friendly and knowledgeable hosts. Most importantly these are all UK-based shows, meaning the topics covered are relevant to the real situations you and your money might face.

Of course, they’re also all shows that I listen to and enjoy. But these aren’t only my views. I’ve taken a look at the online reviews and shared what other listeners think too.


Money to the Masses

podacst money.jpg

Who’s it for: Investors both new, and experienced.

The hosts: Damian Fahy and Andy Leeks.

Typical episode: “The currencies investors should be watching and the section 75 loophole.” Episode lengths: Between seven and 40 minutes.

Why listen: Damien set up the Money to the Masses website ten years ago after leaving a job in the city. Now on the podcast he’s grilled by co-host Andy about the latest movements of the markets, while offering his insights into other money matters.

What the listeners say: “A great and accessible podcast which makes my Monday mornings a little more bearable.”

Where and when to listen: New episodes are available every Sunday. Search “Money to the Masses” or visit moneytothemasses.com/podcast




Who’s it for: Anyone who is keen to explore the more emotional side of money.

The hosts: Martha Lawton and Alex Lemon.

Typical episode: “The price of procrastination.” Episode lengths: Between 20 and 30 minutes.

Why listen: Ex-adviser Martha and ex-accountant Alex talk about why we spend our money and what we can do to make our behaviours live up to our intentions.

What the listeners say: “A funny and engaging podcast with lots of practical ideas about our emotional reactions to money.”

Where and when to listen: Two seasons are available now, with a third coming soon. Search “Squanderlust” or visit squanderlustpod.com

"These shows can help you grow investments, find deals and prepare for retirement—all for free"


Cash Chats

podcast listen.jpg

Who’s it for: Money savers.

The host: Andy Webb (me!).

Typical episode: “How to get hundreds of pounds of cash for free.”

Episode lengths: Typically around 35 minutes.

Why listen: OK, so I couldn’t write this list without including my own award-winning podcast—Cash Chats. I talk about everyday money and how to get the best value for money, so if you like this column you’ll like my podcast too.

What the listeners say: “The amount of useful tips and tricks that Andy shares are worth their weight in gold.”

Where and when to listen: New episodes every Wednesday afternoon. Search “Cash Chats” or visit becleverwithyourcash.com/podcast


In Her Financial Shoes

womens podcast.jpg

Who’s it for: Women who want to get better with their finances.

The host: Catherine Morgan.

Typical episode: “Women’s wealth is rising: How to take control of yours.”

Episode lengths: Anything between nine and 45 minutes.

Why listen: Catherine is a money coach and passionate about empowering women to grow their understanding of money and build up financial resilience.

What the listeners say: “This podcast is second to none in teaching women the nuances of taking back control of their finances”

Where and when to listen: New episodes every Monday. Search “In Her Financial Shoes” or visit themoneypanel.co.uk/category/podcast


Meaningful Money


Who’s it for: Anyone who wants to get their finances in order.

The host: Pete Matthew.

Typical episode: “Refining your retirement vision.”

Episode lengths: Typically less than 30 minutes.

Why listen: Meaningful Money isn’t just one of the longest-running financial podcasts in the UK, it’s also a fixture at the top of the money podcast charts. The show is also handily broken into mini “seasons”, each one tackling a different topic across ten or so episodes. This allows you to get below the surface of the subjects that’ll best help you plan for the future.

What the listeners say: “I’ve gained a better vision for me and my family’s finances for the years to come.”

Where and when to listen: New episodes are live each Wednesday. Search “Meaningful Money” or visit meaningfulmoney.tv/mmpodcast




Who’s it for: Your millennial kids or grandkids.

The host: Bea Duncan.

Typical episode: “Credit scores.”

Episode lengths: Usually around 25 minutes.

Why listen: This BBC Sounds podcast is aimed at young people, but it’s a good introduction for everyone on a number of topics as 22-year-old host Bea goes on a journey towards financial literacy. Regular guest Kaplana Fitzpatrick provides the money expertise.

What the listeners say: “It’s really easy to listen to and it’s like having a chat with a friend about finance.”

Where and when to listen: Eighteen episodes are available to listen to now. Search “Money 101” or visit the BBC Sounds website.


Best of the rest

I’ve covered my favourites here, but there are some other really good shows from some trusted financial sources which are well worth checking out. Leading finance websites and publications This Is Money, FTMoney and Which? Money all have weekly shows that look at the latest finance news in more detail. There’s also a number of BBC radio shows available via the podcasting apps, including Ask Martin Lewis and Wake up to Money from 5Live and Money Box from Radio 4. You’ll find all of these on your favourite podcast app.


How to listen to podcasts

The usual way to listen is to download episodes to an app on your phone or tablet. The most popular on iPhones and iPads is Apple Podcast, while on Android you can pick from apps like Stitcher and Google Podcasts. You can even listen to podcasts through the music-streaming service, Spotify. At home you can also stream (play live) from your computer, and all the podcasts featured host their episodes on the website links listed above.

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