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5 ways to dodge delivery charges

5 ways to dodge delivery charges
Our top tips for how to avoid paying extra when shopping online.
  1. Always check shipping before shopping and surf voucher sites for offers of free delivery. If the price of the goods plus the cheapest delivery option is more than you’d pay on the high street, think again.
  2. Try click and collect. John Lewis customers can often collect from Waitrose, Boots will deliver to any branch (minimum spend £20) and Tesco buys can be picked up from Tesco Express—all for free. Many e-tailers deliver to Collect+ points in local shopping parades and post offices, but there’s often a charge.
  3. If you’re placing a large order, call customer services. It’s often possible to negotiate free delivery, especially if you’re dealing with an independent firm.
  4. It may be cheaper to opt for another address. Deliveries to 'remote' areas (such as the Isle of Wight and Inverness) can cost double, so try sending goods to friends and family elsewhere. If you live in Northern Ireland, you may do better to buy from suppliers in the Republic of Ireland.
  5. Accept a trial of Amazon Prime for free next-day delivery, making a note to cancel within 30 days to avoid the £49 annual charge.