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4 More Ways to Save Money


1st Jan 2015 Managing your Money

4 More Ways to Save Money

Ever keen to keep you saving, we've come up with four more great ideas to keep money in your pockets.

Saving Tip 1. DIY

Fancy making your own bookshelves or turning a scarf into a skirt? There are plenty of sites that will teach you clever new tricks with old junk, from threading a string bracelet to building your own shoe racks from recycled tins. These dazzling ideas will transform your home and wardrobe and, even if you’re usually all fingers and thumbs, can be done easily in less than an hour. A few minutes browsing for ‘DIY crafts’ online provides plenty of stunning (and cheap) creative ideas. Have a go — you’ll surprise yourself!


Saving Tip 2. Pay in cash

Pay in cash rather than sticking everything on a card to worry about later — that way, money seems more ‘real’. By doing this, you can actually get a sense of what you’re spending, rather than just waiting for a shock when you see your next statement. But don’t make repeated trips to the cashpoint every day, frittering away your hard-earned lolly bit by bit. Instead, make one withdrawal at the start of the week, then put your cards away and set yourself a cash budget — and stick to it.


Saving tip 3. Rainy day idea

Draw the curtains, plump up the cushions and settle down for a full-on film feast — it’s a great chance to dig out all those old favourites. What could be more appropriate than a classic like Singin’ In The Rain? Or how about grabbing a hankie and blubbing through Casablanca?

For the youngsters, snuggling under a warm blanket with the Toy Story box set will keep them amused for hours. To add to the fun, ask them to make tickets and posters for their in-house cinema — and even volunteer to act as usherette delivering their favourite sweets.


Saving tip 4. Cut back on online shopping

We’ve all done it, surfed the net at lunch or late at night, aimlessly dropping virtual bargains in our virtual basket and hitting the virtual checkout button. However, the resulting damage to your bank balance is all too real. Why do you think online retailers keep your credit card details on file? So you can just press ‘Buy’ and they’ve got your cash. Again.

It is too easy to buy online, and the more you look, the more you think you need.

But such impulsive one-click ordering is lethal for your loot and all you end up with is loads of stuff you wouldn’t otherwise have bought. If you’re tempted, be strict, put the mouse down and ask yourself: “Do I really need this?” The answer is most probably: “No”.