SSV Capital supports environmental, social and governance factors

SSV Capital supports environmental, social and governance factors

Historically, the harmful magnitude of unethical investments has not been a significant factor when it comes to assessing the feasibility, security and profitability of an investment opportunity. Nevertheless, factors related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) can actually have a tangible impact on the value of a company and its returns.
Although some investors still mistakenly believe that they have to sacrifice potential growth if they want to make ethical investments, unethical opportunities are increasingly becoming a deal-breaker, particularly among investors aged 18 to 34 years.
However, the term “ethical”, is as subjective as it is broad. Certain beliefs may stem from environmental, religious, or political principles and what is considered ethical to one person, may be very different for the next. For instance, an asset manager may deem tobacco an unethical investment, yet consider alcohol acceptable.

Ethical investing

Generally speaking, ethical funds steer clear of companies involved in abusing human rights, animal testing, arms and weapons, child labour and fossil fuels. As such, ethical investing encompasses various approaches, including socially responsible investing (SRI), impact investing, environmental, social and governance factors and sustainable investing.
Increasingly, companies and investment funds are adopting a more ethical approach to their business operations and capital allocation too. Realizing that sustainability is not limited to being environmentally friendly, ethical or socially responsible; rather, it pertains to securing long-term sustainability and the capacity to deliver future returns. This is why prioritizing ESG is crucial to both a company’s reputation and longevity.
Although determining your investment preferences and ethical considerations requires some verification that businesses or ethical funds deliver on their promises. Exaggerating the benefits of socially responsible investments is known as greenwashing and is a potential hazard, undermining environmental efforts. Consequently, it is essential to be diligent in order to prevent misleading practices.

People, planet and prosperity

Multi-class asset manager, SSV Capital Ltd., wholeheartedly embraces ethical and sustainable investment opportunities alongside screening opportunities to ensure they not only meet ESG practices but contribute to advancements too. Headquartered in London’s financial district, the investment firm follows a stringent but simple philosophy based on their triple P guidelines: People, Planet and Prosperity. Supporting sectors creating a better future, SSV Capital executes a robust strategy, abiding by a responsible and ethically sound policy to maximise positive impact.
Moreover, by investing ethically with SSV Capital, you can ensure your values align with investments that balance wealth generation with environmental preservation. Making a positive impact on the world, ethical investing allows you to receive a return on your investment without compromising your social, moral or religious beliefs. This alongside supporting issues such as renewable energy, equality and safeguarding our planet against pollution.
Assisting in the promotion of sustainability by decreasing dependence on physical infrastructure and paper documentation, SSV Capital focus on three sustainable areas. FinTech, funds and real estate provide secure and rewarding financial futures for both the investor and the planet. SSV Capital encompasses a dedicated team of investment professionals who apply a consistent research methodology to successfully identify and satisfy ethical and responsible opportunities.
Visit www.ssvcapital.co to explore how SSV Capital balances ethical and socially conscious inventiveness, alongside uncovering hidden opportunities for wealth creation.

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