Investment currency for people with good finances

Investment currency for people with good finances

It is blockchain or the data chain that is the technology used by the creators of bitcoin. In simple terms, such a string is a stored sequence of all transactions ever made with bitcoin. Each of them is remembered, and none of them can be invalidated or cancelled. In principle, this currency should be the dream of all governments around the world because it would eliminate the grey area. Every, even the smallest payment leaves an indelible mark, just like using a debit or credit card. Everything is saved in the data chain, and the bitcoin database is scattered - that is, scattered on servers all over the world. A failure or disabling of one of them does not cause any problems.

Fortunately for bitcoin users, for now, it manages to maintain its independence. Partly because the dominant nations in global finance have not developed a common tactic for cryptocurrency, several others decided to ban him at all. That is what Bolivia, Ecuador or Vietnam did. However, they can only control servers located in their countries. Others, such as China, do not want to ban Bitcoin but are trying to control it at least partially. Part of the world is helpless at all, such as Russia. Just a few years ago, the Russians threatened to infect bitcoin due to difficulties in controlling it. Recently, they changed their minds and announced that they no longer saw the basis for it.

Japan is more determined because, at the beginning of April, it officially recognized bitcoin as a proper payment method. The Japanese have no reason to be afraid of cryptocurrency, but they would not like to dignify it either. Instead, they are hoping that Japanese exchanges where bitcoins are traded will be government regulated in the future, and bitcoin transfers will move to the conventional banking system. Then bitcoin can no longer be used, for example, to hide assets or criminal activities. You can start bitcoin trading with profit revolution today.

The Japanese decision to legalize bitcoin will probably support the process of building its reputation as serious money. Especially since it was taken shortly after the US news disappointing cryptocurrency fans. There, the Winklevoss brothers, once suing Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook rights, decided to set up an investment fund whose quotations would reflect the bitcoin rate. However, the US stock market supervision did not agree to this. He stated that since nobody controls Bitcoin, such a fund would be too risky for investors. The Winklevoss brothers, however, did not lay down their arms and appealed the surveillance decision.

Bitcoin rate variation

In parallel, the bitcoin rate is raging. Investing in this currency can only be recommended to people with healthy nerves. A decrease or increase in bitcoin quotations by more than a hundred dollars a day is nothing special. Bad news, such as the increased vigilance of the Chinese authorities or the adverse decision of American supervision, lead to short-term panic and bitcoin sales. However, the good news is coming soon, like the crisis in another country that increases the popularity of bitcoin, and the virtual currency is quickly recovering. One bitcoin recently costs 1–1.2 thousand dollars. You can also buy less, for example, one-tenth or one-hundredth of bitcoin. At the beginning of March, for a moment, one bitcoin was more expensive than an ounce of gold, which resulted in an avalanche of comparisons between the most important of cryptocurrencies and the most famous of ores.

When values of bitcoin get increase?

Their value increases when uncertainty reigns in the world because bitcoin and gold are perceived as a haven, an alternative to traditional currencies. Besides, the amount of bitcoin and gold cannot be freely increased. While central banks have the right to print more dollars, euros or even Swiss francs, the supply of bitcoin and gold is governed by different rules. New, large gold deposits are not found very often, although the Chinese have reportedly managed to do so recently. In the case of cryptocurrency, the matter is even more straightforward, because the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto has predetermined the rate of bitcoin growth.

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