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Who should write your will?


1st Jan 2015 Insurance & Legal

Who should write your will?
If you're thinking about writing a will, you may be wondering whether to go to a solicitor, employ a will writing service, or simply do it yourself. This video will help you decide.

Who should write your will?


If you want peace of mind, then this is the option for you. Particularly if your affairs a little more complex.
It's definitely worth considering if any of the following applies:
  • Your estate may have to pay inheritance tax, anything over £325,000
  • Your family situation may be complex
  • You may want to be exact over how your estate is divided
  • You may want to protect a specific family member

Will writing services

These may be cheaper than solicitors and support is offered but they come with a word of warning.
Although they offer support along the way, these services are not regulated, so you may not be protected if things go wrong along the way. 
This is very important to consider if you want them to store your will.

Writing your own will

This is by far the cheapest option, although should be approached with caution as inheritance law can change between writing the will and when you die. 
If your affairs are simple, you're married, and have no children this may be the best option. Will templates are available to buy online and are cheap, and detail all you need to include.
The Which? online service is easy to use and full of guidance and advice, what is more, as a Reader's Digest customer, you can purchase any will writing service with 20% off   
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