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Insurance and assurance for seasoned drivers


1st Jan 2015 Insurance & Legal

Insurance and assurance for seasoned drivers

The over seventies are often charged more for their insurance premiums, but after years on the road, is this really fair? And how can you best avoid hiked up fees?

More senior drivers on the road

Senior driving insurance

There are now a record number of people—more than 4 million—over the age of 70 who hold valid driving licenses and the number is set to double in the next five years.

Many drivers over 70 have seen their insurance premiums increase significantly in recent years, with premium increases of over 300% not uncommon. Insurers claim these premiums have increased as a result of a high number of accidents occurring with drivers over the age of 70 involved.

At present, drivers aged 70 or over are required to renew their driving license every three years. There are many contributing factors which lead to motor accidents caused by the over 70’s including slower reflexes, deteriorating eyesight and downsizing of car engine.


Are older drivers really more dangerous?

older drivers

A report released by AA stated that more than 50% of drivers over 75 say they are more cautious than when they were 50. Many avoid night driving, motorways and drive more slowly.

Older drivers are involved in very few drink-drive or single vehicle accidents, which are much more likely among younger drivers.

Reader’s Digest Insurance Services (RDIS) is investigating the factors which prevent the over 70s from accessing competitive motor insurance premiums.

One way for these drivers to boost their confidence is by attending a Mature Driver’s Assessment, run by Insurance and Assurance for Seasoned Drivers.

This 60-minute assessment takes place in the driver’s own car on familiar routes near to where they live and can offer reassurance on one’s driving ability. The assessment—which comes with a confidential written report—costs £49.

To discuss your motor insurance and to obtain a competitive quotation, call Reader’s Digest Insurance Services today on: 0208 069 3102.

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