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How to search the best home insurance quotes


1st Jan 2015 Insurance & Legal

How to search the best home insurance quotes

Any opportunity to save money or improve a service we receive is always a welcome one. Cheaper home-insurance premiums and better deals start with finding the best quotes. Here’s how to do it.

Know your home insurance

There are various types of home insurance, from contents insurance and buildings insurance that you already know about, to specific gadget insurance for laptops, smartphones, and anything else hi-tech that you have in your home.

When you start searching for a home-insurance quote, it pays to know what you need.

Many insurers offer options for covering gadgets and other high-value items within your quote, avoiding an additional cost for you. You might even find that your current account covers things like mobiles and tablet devices at home and outside. Be sure to check so you’re not insuring yourself (and paying) twice!

This works both ways – you might find your home insurance will cover your mobile, so you can get in touch with your network provider and cancel their own excessively priced premium!


Look for annual payment options

Some home-insurance providers insist on monthly payments by direct debit. It’d be cynical of us to suggest that this is so they can add on an admin fee and even a finance or interest charge for providing "credit", but generally paying monthly will cost more.

In the grand scheme of things, home insurance doesn’t cost THAT much. Search for insurers that offer an annual payment option and you’ll find yourself saving.

It’s also one bank outgoing you need to plan for rather than 12; an easier life all round!


Seek out freebies and add-ons

It’s never a good idea to pay for add-ons if you don’t need them. Yet, if you’ve been a meticulous insurance planner in the past, you might be in a position where your home insurance and other types of insurance are coming up for renewal at the same time.

If you don’t already have your home insurance, motor insurance, and other insurances with the same provider, it might be time to look at the deals on offer.

Have you seen a home-insurance quote with a provider offering a discount on car insurance if you buy together? Can you get part of the year free if you purchase an extra policy? You might even find great deals and discounts for referring friends or family members.

Another great option is to seek out specific types of home insurance offered by age bracket, as discounts on premiums and offers on other relevant insurance may be available.

Think about the whole package and look at exactly what each insurer is offering. It is important to remember that the best quote won’t always be the cheapest, but this will usually be the case.

Look beyond comparison sites

Many still take the view when shopping for home insurance and other insurance that the best thing to do is use a price comparison website. While they’re definitely a useful place to look, plenty of home-insurance providers now make a big thing of NOT being on comparison websites, so don’t feel they’re the only place to look for a competitive quote.

Finding the best home insurance quotes

Rather than opening your home-insurance renewal letter and filing it away as always, take the time to search out the best home-insurance quotes based on your needs.

You never know, you could find yourself saving money as well as earning some welcome bonuses and extras on top!


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