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How to get the best protection for your home


1st Jan 2015 Insurance & Legal

How to get the best protection for your home

Whether we live, we all love and treasure our homes, so protecting your property with a comprehensive home-insurance policy should be a priority. But what should you consider when purchasing your next home insurance policy?

Accidents do happen

It may surprise you to learn that 1 in 4 home-insurance policies do not include accidental damage cover.

This is essential—even the most careful person could accidentally knock their television when vacuuming the carpet or decorating.

It’s important to make sure this essential cover is included in your policy.


Value your valuables

We all take items away from our homes such as jewellery, mobile phones, tablets and handbags.

When buying home insurance, it’s wise to discuss this, as a policy that provides overseas cover means you can save money on your travel policy—because you won’t need to insure these items twice.


Watch out for water

If there’s damage to your property caused by an escape of water, you may incur additional costs in removing and replacing any other part of the building while accessing the source of the leak.

Trace and access cover is important as it could save you a substantial amount of money should your property develop a leak.


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