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6 Tips for protecting your property this summer


1st Jan 2015 Insurance & Legal

6 Tips for protecting your property this summer

With the lighter mornings and evenings, summer is a peak period for burglaries, with many homeowners away on their holiday. Follow these top tips to keep your property and possessions safe this summer.

1. Ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your home

They could park on your drive, clear your post from your letterbox, water your plants or even use your bins, making it less obvious your property is vacant. 


2. When sunbathing in your garden, check all your windows and doors are locked

It’s important not to leave any valuable items such as jewellery, wallets or mobile phones near any open windows. Make sure your alarms and locks are working and effective

It’s actually worth getting a locksmith in to check that your locks satisfy 
your insurance terms as otherwise if anything happens they may not pay out 
added Lock and Key Barnsley.


sunbathing woman


3. Ask your family to keep quiet about holiday plans on social media

Think twice about posting a picture or status that makes it obvious you’re away on holiday. You never know who can see what’s posted on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


4. Ensure you have appropriate travel insurance in place if you are going on holiday

Reader’s Digest Insurance Services offers a wide range of travel-insurance solutions, with no upper age limit and cover for those who have pre-existing medical conditions.


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5. Make your property look lived-in by setting timer switches

Set lights, music and the television to come on throughout the day and evening.  Put all bicycles, tools, toys and furniture away overnight.


6. Know who you need to contact in case of an emergency

Keep all those useful numbers in one place so you can get in touch whenever you need to.


To discuss your home-insurance requirements—and to obtain a competitive quotation—call us today on 020 8069 3102. One of our expert advisers will help provide the home-insurance policy that matches your requirements.  

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