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6 of the top family lawyers in the north of England


14th Dec 2021 Insurance & Legal

6 of the top family lawyers in the north of England

When navigating a divorce, it’s important to have the right team on your side. A good family law solicitor will be able to anticipate problems before they arise and ensure that you get your fair share following a divorce.

How to choose the right family law firm

If you’re looking for a divorce solicitor in the North of England, consider these 6 top firms. While some specialise only in family law, others have family law departments within larger law firms. If you need advice on other areas, such as business succession planning, choosing a larger law firm may offer some advantages.

Finding the right law firm for your needs might take a few meetings. Choosing one in your local area is helpful, but not entirely necessary. Many will offer remote services so you can choose one outside of your local area if required.

Stowe Family Law, Manchester

This Manchester-based law firm specialises in family law and divorces. Stowe Family Law covers everything from financial matters and child arrangements orders, so you can get all of the advice and support you need under one roof. And because they’re based in the heart of the city on St Annes Square, they’re easily accessible for residents of Manchester and the North West.

Major Family Law, Newcastle

This Northeast-based firm is known throughout the country for its dedication to the practice of family law. Major Family Law offers advice at every stage of the divorce process, including childcare arrangements, provisions for unmarried couples and even international law concerning child abduction by a parent or guardian. Their knowledge and expertise will guide you through every stage of the divorce process.

Winston Solicitors, Leeds

Based in the heart of Leeds, Winston Solicitors offers a range of legal services, including family law. They are well-trusted by their clients and have amassed over 1,700 reviews on Reviews.io with an average rating of 4.91. Wendy Campbell leads the family law division of the firm with an approachable and accessible demeanour.

Tracey Miller Family Law, Liverpool

This Merseyside-based family law firm offers everything from pre and postnuptial agreements to international family law. Tracey Miller Family Law is one of the top law firms in the Liverpool region, with a wealth of awards and positive testimonials from clients. Whatever stage you are at with your divorce, you can turn to Tracey and her team for help and support. While they might not offer legal aid, they do offer incredibly reasonable rates.

Forbes Solicitors

With offices throughout the North of England, this large-scale, full-service law offers everything you could possibly need while going through a divorce. Forbes Solicitors have offices in Blackburn, Preston, Manchester, Leeds and more. Their family law department covers everything from domestic violence, unmarried couples, child arrangements and forced marriages.

Graysons, Sheffield

This full-service law firm in Sheffield is a firm favourite with local residents. Graysons Solicitors offers a family law department that can help you to navigate the treacherous path to divorce. They are a Legal 500 recommended law firm, which means you can trust their expertise and support. They also offer fixed fees to help you manage the cost of your divorce.


When searching for the right law firm for your needs, don’t be afraid to shop around. You need to feel confident in the advice being offered so that you can make decisions based on an informed position.

These are just some of the top law firms throughout the North of England, proving that you don’t have to focus your search on London and the South East to get the best support.

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