Why private jet travel in Europe is on the rise


14th Mar 2022 Travel

Why private jet travel in Europe is on the rise

Private jet usage in Europe soared during 2021, but it’s continuing on that trajectory even after the pandemic has slowed in growth.

Private jet travel soars

One of the leading private jet charter companies in the European private jet industry, which has only been offering tiered service in Europe since 2019, has recorded unparalleled levels of growth in that short period. This service provider believes that it is not only their company but the entire European branch of the industry that has experienced such incredible growth in such a short space of time. This private aviation company has seen a four hundred per cent increase in the level of flight activity in Europe over the period of one year; 2021. The reason for people wanting to travel safely and privately was apparent, but why has the industry continued to increase in value and continued to expand over Europe at such an unprecedented rate after the worst of the pandemic is over? Let’s take a look at what the market leader has to say on the subject.



One of the reasons private jet travel has continued to increase at its current rapid rate is because private jet companies in Europe really know how to roll out the red carpet; the industry leader in private jet chartering describes their take on hospitality as “putting a premium on people.” The level of hospitality that one encounters on a private jet versus on a commercial flight is like night versus day. The amenities on any private flight; comfortable armchairs, your own space, your own timetable, and menu, are so much more attractive than the ones on any commercial flight that it's hard to question the choice. As the flight attendants onboard have a much smaller number of guests to attend to, the care they can offer each individual on the flight is so much better. Having Wi-Fi access to entertain yourself or to catch up on some work, having a whole cabin to move around in, having plush cabin furnishings, and enough room for an entire family or for a group of colleagues to interact together is a definite plus. It only adds to the appeal of flying on a private flight. Industry leaders are set apart by the time they take to invest in their clientele. If a passenger feels like they are just a number, it is very doubtful that they will return to that service. If they feel special and well looked after, they’ll come back time and time again.


Accessing remote locations

There are many stunning and desirable locations in Europe that are only accessible by private plane. These remote destinations became an ideal holiday or retreat-from-everything spot over the past two years, and the trend seems to have stuck. Europeans are opting for more out-of-the-way destinations instead of visiting the traditional tourist traps when it's time to take a holiday with family or friends. Flying into an island location that basically is all mountains and only has one possible runway or set down location is simply not possible or practical for commercial flights. Private jets are physically smaller, with a crew that is much more used to going to out-of-the-way places. No other passengers will be inconvenienced as it is likely just your group on board, and you won't have to worry about the possibility of not being able to land. Exploring the furthest corners of our world is only really possible with a private jet or plane, and this fact is reflected in the rapid growth of the industry.

Safety and convenience

While the worst of the pandemic is over, there are still some things to consider; when travelling, people need to make sure that they’re all adhering to the necessary safety precautions like getting vaccinated, masking up, and maintaining social distance. On a commercial flight, it is far more of a challenge for the flight staff to keep their eye on all passengers, meaning that some avoidance of safety precautions by unscrupulous passengers may go unnoticed and cause harm to others. The same goes for people using a public or commercial airport. With a private airport or terminal and a private jet, this is not something that you’ll need to be concerned about, as the staff is well versed in safety precautions, and the only people aboard will be people that you know.

The convenience of setting your own flight schedule is unmatched! Leave when you really need to leave to arrive at your destination at a time that suits your schedule, not that of the airline. Don't struggle with long lines in crowded airports; book a private flight and leave all that inconvenience behind for good.

Wrap up

As the private jet industry in Europe continues to expand, the options for discerning travellers continue to grow as well. Will you be booking your next European flight on a private jet?

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