Why is Tuscany so popular among tourists?

Italy’s Tuscany region is highly popular among tourists. It is easy to understand why since there are countless dramatic landscapes to see and it is impossible not to think about the historic cities of Siena and Florence. Tuscany is renowned for Chianti wines, hilltop towns, delicious dishes and art, just to mention some points of interest for tourists.

Whether you want to discover charming Florence on a private tour or you want to enjoy an authentic experience in Tuscany, you guaranteed a memorable experience.

Here are a few reasons why Tuscany is renowned as a top Italian destination.

Breathtaking Landscapes

The Tuscan countryside is particularly remarkable. It is a feature in itself that is popular among tourists from all around the world. It does not matter if you drive or just walk - the cypress trees, valleys and hills of Tuscany will offer exquisite views. An entire trip can be organised based on just seeing the breathtaking landscapes this region has to offer. 

If you want to relax and get away from the stress of daily life, Tuscany’s idyllic rural setting should be considered. You can visit the area between Siena and Florence, where Chianti is made, or go to Val d’Orcia. If you are interested in a less traveled to option, Maremma should be on your list. If possible try to enjoy at least some of the numerous scenic drives Tuscany has to offer. 

Siena And Florence – Renowned Art Cities

If your main interest is sightseeing, Florence is a city you absolutely must visit. Here you can find so many art masterpieces, frescoes and churches. The Uffizi has its home here, just like the Accademia Gallery, which is renowned for hosting David by Michelangelo. If you want to enjoy even more, go south so you reach Siena - its cathedral, built in a Gothic style is simply stunning and you can see the Palio, together with numerous Medieval art museums. 

You'll also want to head over to Pisa for the leaning tower, which is a unique landmark and one of the world's most famous. If exquisite churches are your thing then head over to Lucca.

As you can see, Tuscany has so many interesting cities that are a wealth of art and culture treasures. 

Photogenic Hilltop Towns

A clear symbol of Tuscany is the Medieval town that sits right atop a beautiful hill. There are countless such destinations that tourists can visit, with Cortona and San Gimignano guaranteed to leave you completely speechless. However, some of the lesser-known, smaller towns can also be a great place for you as they are picturesque and  not as visited. 

Some of the photogenic cities that you absolutely need to consider visiting are Pitigliano, Monteriggioni, Pienza and Volterra. Most of them are really lively, especially during summer as there are countless festivals and fairs which are great for tourists to experinece they offer a relaxed and authentic feel. 

Chianti Wines And Traditional Cuisine

Tuscany is where you find some of the best wines of Italy, like Chianti reds or Montalcino Brunello. Supertuscans are critically acclaimed around the world and all work great with some of the local dishes. If you visit, you absolutely need to try a Chianina cattle t-bone steak and the tasty Bistecca Alla Fiorentina. 

Tuscany is the kind of place where simple ingredients are used for incredibly delicious dishes. This includes unsalted bread, local olive oil and local tomatoes. All of these are a huge part of the local cuisine. The simple dishes range back to peasants that cooked hundreds of years ago so you can expect many sauces and meats, pecorino cheese and special cured meats. 

Architectural Wonders

Siena, Florence and Pisa all hold incredible architectural wonders you want to take some pictures of but every single town in Tuscany is like that. You'll find beautiful Medieval churches in Lucca and the Volterra Priori in Volterra should be considered, just like the Montalcino Sant’ Antimo Abbey. So many structures that just impress and surprise are available. Make sure that you research as much as you can about the architecture of where you travel to since there will surely be some masterpieces you want to see. 

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