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Sheila Kronfeld 22 October 2020

Because we might not be able to go abroad physically, but we can let little snippets of the outer world in

The world has changed so dramatically over this past year and in such a terrifying way that it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed. The feeling that we’re in some sort of apocalyptic movie, and that Armageddon is going to become a reality, is a hard feeling to escape. Each day seems to bring further bad news and our new found (yet understandable) anxiety regarding travelling abroad is such a contrast to the carefree attitude we’ve taken for granted since international travel became popular in the 1950s.  

It’s almost hard to believe that there are other stories still occurring throughout the world, and there are still stunning destinations. We may have had to shelve visiting for the time being, but they are still providing bonkers stories and we can still satiate in that.

So, enough of the bad COVID-19 news and the feeling of being imprisoned in poor old Blighty (and for many, trapped in our own homes). Enough of the financial and Brexit worries and the uncertainty of the US elections. Enough of the bad news full stop. Let's indulge in some quirky news from all those places that are on our vacation hit lists and let’s escape to those places that, when all this is over with, we will appreciate even more for the fact that we’ve had to wait to visit.



With not only stunning waterfalls, tropical beaches and perfect Amazonian climates, Brazil is also renowned for its beautiful people, to make it one of the most attractive and exotic countries in the world. According to Sky News, a renowned Brazilian politician, Senator Chico Rodrigues, who is a key ally of Brazil’s president, was recently under investigation into the alleged misappropriation of government COVID-19 funds.

Upon his house being searched, the police allegedly discovered the equivalent of approximately £6,000 in a safe. The police allegedly found another £2,000 GBP elsewhere in his home. But they were still suspicious about there being more money hidden somewhere else. As the police search continued, Rodrigues allegedly asked permission to visit his bathroom and one of the police officers happened to notice that he was "bulging" from his private parts and that, as he walked off, his rear gave Kim Kardashian’s posterior a run for its money.



One of the most spectacular destinations in the world, renowned for offering natural wonders, stunning beaches, incredibly glossy cities and a variety of wildlife. The surfer’s and travellers paradise and somewhere that is definitely worth the nearly full day and night’s travel to reach from the UK.

According to the Huffington Post, an Australian woman, Nikki Erickson, arrived home to discover an intruder in her house. The intruder was using a pole that she had installed inside her home and was putting on quite the pole dancing show. As if finding an intruder performing a pole dance wasn’t a bombshell in itself, Erickson found that the intruder was actually an adorable looking koala.

She quickly contacted Queensland’s Daisy Hill Conservation Park, who sent out rescuers to remove the animal and release it to safety. All’s well that ends well... although it did highlight the fact that the natural habitat of koalas and other Australian wildlife is being diminished as the erection of more homes for humans is increased...



The diversity that one US state alone has comparatively to another is a lot to get your head around for us living in—relatively—tiny little Great Britain.

California is one state that offers it all, the glamour of Hollywood, millions of acres of farmland and it leads the agricultural production for the US. It boasts the Golden Gate Bridge, the Yosemite National Park, Alcatraz, stunning beaches, incredible weather, the fun of Universal and Disney... the list just goes on and on.  

According to The Independent, a pet parrot, named Nigel, flew off, leaving his British born owner, Darren Chick very distressed, when after months he didn’t return. Nigel had spoken with a perfect English accent and Mr Chick had totally given up on ever seeing his pet parrot again, when, to his astonishment he received a phone call four years later from a dog groomer in another part of California, asking if he’d lost a pet bird.

Mr Chick was delighted to be reunited after Nigel, who was very well, happy and in perfect condition... but who now only spoke Spanish.

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