Try something new in New Zealand


8th Dec 2021 Travel

Try something new in New Zealand
Are you daydreaming about your next big adventure?  New Zealand could be just the place for you, as its stunningly beautiful natural scenery and huge choice of activities mean there’s something to suit everyone. 
New Zealand is a wonderful country with a lot to do. Here are eight great thig

Here are our top activities to inspire you!

1. Hike the Franz Josef Glacier

One of the most famous glaciers in the world, the Franz Josef Glacier is an incredible sight and the perfect way to experience it is a guided hike.  The cool, sparkling, icy landscape is something different and the ever-changing caves, tunnels and expanses also offer some amazing photo opportunities.

2. Horseback riding across a beach

You will feel like you're starring in your own perfume advert if you book a trip to ride a horse along one of New Zealand’s beautiful beaches.  Both islands have a strong equestrian tradition and there are plenty of riding trails across the more rugged scenery as well as sandy beaches like Pakiri Beach, Auckland, on the North Island.

3. Try the New Zealand night life

While perhaps sipping some of the world-famous New Zealand wines, there are plenty of bars to dance the night away in around Wellington and Auckland.  If you prefer a non-boozy activity why not try visiting a casino, in person or even online to get some practice in, there are a range of options but why not try Online Casino Tech in New Zealand before you hit the roulette table. Auckland's SkyCity Casino is in the magnificent Sky Tower - one of the tallest in the world. SkyCity Casino in Hamilton offers spectacular views of the Waikato River. Dunedin’s casino is located in the historic Grand Hotel and the lively casino at Queenstown is right on the wharf with views of the lake and mountains.

4. Meet the wildlife

Grab a wetsuit and go snorkelling with seals, an unusual way to see the islands from a different point of view.  Seals swim in large groups, and are very powerful and graceful in the water, a complete contrast to when you spot them lolling on the beach.

5. Get your Gandalf on

A NZ tour would not be complete without seeing some of the jaw-dropping landscapes from the iconic Lord of the Rings films.  The mountains, fields, forests and plains are on an unbelievable scale and certainly something to remember as you can spot over 100 locations used in the film trilogy.

6. Relax in a natural thermal spa

There’s no better way to soothe those aching muscles after a horse ride or glacier trek, than a long dip in a naturally occurring pool.  And the best part is they are beautifully warm, heated by the natural structure of the tectonic plates below the islands.  The water often contains minerals from the rocks it passes through as an added boost for your skin.

7. Feast on a Fergburger

A Queenstown burger bar not to be missed.  The patties here are so delicious, and also huge, a rare place of food quality and quantity!  Vegetarian, chicken, beef and fish burgers are on the menu and even Ed Sheerin is a fan, what more could you ask for?

8. Relax at Mirror Lakes

On a calm day, the distant mountains are perfectly reflected in the Mirror Lakes of New Zealand’s South Island, creating a picture-perfect view.  Accessible for all, this is a scenic stop great for recharging the batteries and appreciating nature’s beauty.
Which adventure will you choose?  Or perhaps they’ve all made the ‘to do’ list!  New Zealand is certainly worth the very long journey, an ideal destination for singles, couples and families in the mood for an unforgettable trip.
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