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4 Great European campervan holiday destinations for the summer

4 Great European campervan holiday destinations for the summer
Europe is the perfect place for a campervan holiday. Every corner of the continent is bursting with history, culture and sights.
The countries are so very close to one another, and yet so completely different. You could drive across its width in a week and yet seeing it all would take several lifetimes. While many of its attractions are world-renowned, there are thousands of hidden gems. What better way to find them than in a campervan? So many people are holidaying this way now, and if you’ve yet to take the plunge, it’s so easy to hire a motorhome these days. Spontaneity, flexibility and the freedom of the road – and so much fun! Here are 4 great European campervan holiday destinations for this summer.


Sweden is a large country – did you know the southern city of Malmo is closer to Milan than Swedish Lapland? It’s a brilliant destination for a campervan holiday, with hundreds of well-appointed camping sites suitable for vehicles and RVs. And as you’d imagine in such a big country, there are a wide range of experiences. Head north to Lapland in the Arctic Circle and you’ll find true wildernesses where you can truly get close to nature. Head here between June and mid-July and you’ll be able to take in the midnight sunshine with a shot of akvavit.  If seafood is a passion, you’ll love the coastal fishing villages on the west coast of Sweden, while if you’re looking for great nightlife, head to Gothenburg, Stockholm or Malmo. If you visit Malmo, there’s also the magnificent Oresund Bridge, which will take you direct to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.


Germany is a country of contrasts, which is one of the reasons it’s such a compelling destination for a campervan holiday. There are massive industrial cities, rolling plains, towering mountains, deep forests and long, sparkling rivers. It’s not just what’s to see that makes Germany so great, but the ease of seeing everything. All these wonderful locations are all linked by one of the world’s best road systems, and there are thousands of camperstops. And it’s beautiful in the summer! In the north of the country, Berlin, so soaked in history, should not be missed, while the affluent port city of Hamburg is well worth a visit. To the west of the country lies the Moselle river (famous for the local wines) and the beautiful vistas of the Black Forest. To the south, all roads point to Bavaria, with her mountains, lakes and culture. In late September, Munich hosts the world-famous annual Oktoberfest, complete with millions of steins of beer, sausages, sauerkraut and lederhosen.


Scotland is a wonderful place for a campervan holiday. It has something for everyone: cities with vibrant nightlife, incredible scenery, stunning lochs and medieval castles. If you want to get away from it all, then the Highlands are one of the least populated areas in the whole of Europe. Hikers will love the Cairngorms – the largest national park in the UK. If you’re in Scotland in August, then be sure to check out the Edinburgh International Festival, a feast of theatre, dance, music and comedy.  If you’re a whisky fan, then you’re in whisky heaven, with over 120 distilleries across the country. Head to the Isle of Skye and sample a Talisker while taking in the incredible coastal scenery. There is so much do in Scotland, and whatever takes your fancy while you’re there, you can get to it quickly. Scotland is not a large country!


Spain’s renowned for its beach holidays, but it offers so much more than that. Blessed with a lovely climate, rich history, stunning architecture, delicious cuisine and friendly locals, Spain has long been a favoured destination for campervan afficionados. Culture vultures will find plenty to thrill them across the country; from the amazing (and still not completed!) Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and the medieval Moorish Alhambra palace in Granada to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Hiking fanatics should not miss the beautiful Picos de Europa, Spain’s only inhabited nature reserve. But beware – summers can be very hot in Spain, particularly in the South. The coastal areas also become packed as sun-seekers from all over Europe make their way to the beaches. Head to the cooler north to avoid the worst of the heat. To avoid the crowds, journey into the interior. Many would say that’s where you’ll find the real Spain anyway..
Final Thoughts
Holidaying in a campervan is so popular these days, and there are so many possibilities. If you’re new to the game, when you plan your trip, make sure you make yourself aware of the different laws of each country you visit. If you’ve never driven on the right before, don’t rush and stick to the main roads where possible. You’ll soon get the hang of it. For old hands – remember there are so many new places to discover, and there’s no need to keep your motorhome parked up in your drive, just rent out your campervan to make great, hassle-free passive income.
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