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Why is Egypt a hot holiday spot for 2022?

Why is Egypt a hot holiday spot for 2022?

The popular travel website TripAdvisor has just selected Cairo as the world's second most popular trending destination for 2022 and Hurghada among the world's top ten most popular destinations for 2022.

And that's on top of Egypt earning 13 slots, yes, 13 spots, in Scuba Travel's World's Top 100 Dive Sites list for 2022.

Because Egypt is such a diverse nation with a rich history, culture, and natural landscapes, knowing the ideal time to visit Egypt ensures that every holiday in Egypt is a unique experience. A thrilling journey to the desert with its many sceneries, attractions, and holiday destinations is a fantastic mix for an unforgettable experience. Read the requirements and apply for your visa.

Tourists will find it to be relatively inexpensive.

Egyptian pounds are converted into US dollars. In terms of the cost of travel, Egypt is among the most affordable places globally. Egyptian pounds are converted into US dollars.

If you're traveling from another country, you may notice that some items are far less expensive in Egypt than they are back home. For example, an Uber from Cairo International Airport to Downtown Cairo would cost you around $10 - and that's for an hour-long journey! A stay in an Egyptian five-star hotel will also cost you *significantly* less than a stay in an equivalent five-star hotel elsewhere in the world, such as in Europe or North America. Is it possible to ride in a helium balloon in Luxor? That will only cost you a little more than $50. You get the picture.

Beaches that are sunny all year.

Egypt, which is bordered by the Mediterranean Coast and the Red Sea, features beaches on par with some of the greatest in the world and are readily accessible. It's never too chilly to relax on the Red Sea's white-sand beaches or soak in the sun, even during the coldest winter months.

Egypt's milder climate makes it an excellent destination for year-round travel.

Do you like the heat? Then Egypt will be a dream come true for you. Even though the locals may wrap up in winter, most North Americans want that the temperature does not drop below freezing. Winter months are colder (with levels as low as 45-50 degrees F in the most challenging parts); yet, this is ideal for seeing the pyramids and temples of the nation without being overheated or dehydrated as a result of the heat.

Are you unable to travel even during the winter months? Don't be concerned. While summertime in Egypt can be scorching, you can still enjoy the best that the country offers by following a few easy tips and practices. One of the most enjoyable aspects of an Egypt-guided trip is that your tour guides are pretty knowledgeable about making the most of your available time. The most excellent Egypt tour companies use skilled guides who have mastered avoiding the busiest parts of the city and the hottest parts of the day to maximize their time in Egypt.

Egypt has a fascinating history that deserves to be explored.

The nation of Egypt has a lot to offer, but its history is a big part of why people are attracted to it in the first place. Egypt has a fascinating historical past that has captivated people all across the globe for thousands of years. No matter how much of a history buff you are, you will be awestruck by the narratives and tales you will hear and learn about throughout your Egypt tour.

Historically, the majority of tourists to Egypt will be most interested in the history of ancient Egypt; the period of the ancient Egyptians, the Pyramid, King Tutankhamun, Queen Cleopatra, and the conquest by Alexander the Great are among the most popular topics of conversation. While this period is unquestionably among the fascinating areas of Egypt's history, it is by no means the only one to be studied.

The history of Egypt may be traced back to 3000 B.C. Even though not enough remains from this era in history, it is exciting to read about and see just how far the nation has come and how much it has grown. From the construction of the first pyramid during the third dynasty through the engraving of the Monument in 196 BC, history has been rewritten. The conquest of Egypt even by Arabs in 642, as well as the invasion of Egypt by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1798, are both examples of historical events. Even now, new graves are being uncovered regularly, and new valuables are being discovered in them.


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