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Top Things to Do on Your Cyprus Holiday

Top Things to Do on Your Cyprus Holiday
Cyprus holidays are full to the brim with excitement, history, romance, and adventure. Whether you’re looking to rest alongside the one you love on the beach or all-out family festivities, Cyprus has it all, with beauty to match. 
Here are the top things to do on your Cyprus holiday to ensure you don’t miss a thing! 

History hunting in Paphos

Image of some ancient greek ruins on the edge of the sea in Paphos in Cyrpus
Paphos is one of the most well-known areas in Cyprus for its incredible beaches and natural landscapes. But it’s also one of the best places to soak up the amazing history of Cyprus. 
In Paphos’ old town, it’s time to take a step back in time with its cobbled streets and historic architecture. Soaking in the history of this area is easy with the various neoclassical buildings that give you once-in-a-lifetime insight into days gone by. 
The Archaeological Park of Kato has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for over 30 years. Here, you can explore some of the best archaeological sites in the world. From the intricate mosaic floors to Roman villas, this is a history-lover’s dream day out. 
One absolute must-see is The Tombs of the Kings. Situated on the desert-like coastline, it gives visitors a step back in history with a combination of Cyprus and Egypt. This is one of the most historic places to visit on your holiday to Paphos. Dating back to the 3rd century BC, you will be astounded by the tombs and Doric columns carved directly from the sandy rock. 
Cyprus weather plays along with temperatures up to 35 degrees in the summer and only going down to around 18 in the winter months, so hopping into the gorgeous waters of Paphos is a top way to end a day of history hunting. Be sure to leave enough time to enjoy a cocktail at one of the many seaside bars and watch the sunset. 
Hotel Elysium is the place to be in Paphos. This luxury hotel is within ten minutes’ drive of the archaeological sites and is situated on the beachfront. The eight onsite bars and restaurants have you covered after a day of history exploration, while the large swimming pool complex invites you to dive in and enjoy the essence of Paphos. The luxury spa awaits after days of walking through the ruins with modern and ancient techniques to help you relax and unwind in style. 
Image of a circle of pillars part of ancient ruins in Paphos

Indulge in the local food in Pissouri

Image of an aerial view of the coastline in Pissouri in Cycprus
This tranquil area in Cyprus offers relaxation and delicious dining on every corner. With the gleaming Mediterranean Sea on your doorstep and gorgeous green hills leading down to the golden sands, Pissouri holidays offer the ultimate getaway for rest and rejuvenation. 
Foodies are in for a treat at the various family-run tavernas throughout Pissouri with the most delectable local cuisine. Savour the produce grown on the surrounding farmlands and the freshest local seafood, you’re in for days of incredible food at the water's edge. For the all-around Cypriot experience, try the moussaka dishes paired with the delightful local wines. 
The little town of Pissouri also has shopping and adventure lovers covered. From the range of glorious one-of-a-kind boutiques to water sports on the Blue Flag beach, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. 
Columbia Beach Resort has everything you would expect and more from a five-star luxury resort in Cyprus. From stunning, elegant Cypriot architecture and modern amenities to a swim-up bar with four onsite restaurants, this is the perfect spot for taking in all this beautiful town has to offer. 
Image of a village surrounded by green hills in Pissouri in Cyprus

Revel in Romance in Latchi

Image of an aerial view of a harbour full of parked up boats in Latchi in Cyprus
If you’re after a romantic Cyprus holiday, look no further than Latchi—the most romantic resort in Cyprus. Situated on the northwest coast, this is where you want to be with the one you love. 
The reason for all the love? It is said that this little piece of paradise is where Aphrodite herself fell in love with Adonis. If Latchi was the backdrop for one of the most famous romantic stories, it’s sure to have you feeling the love too. 
The whitewashed streets take you back in time, while the busy harbour will have you enthralled with the glistening designer yachts alongside traditional fishing boats. Latchi is the ultimate combination of Cyprian history and glamour. 
Days in Latchi offer warm golden sands and calm waters while watching the local fisherman catch your evening feast. For nature lovers, the vast forests surrounding the town invite you to explore on horseback before settling in for a sunset cocktail on the beachfront. 
For luxury at its finest, Anassa is part of the Leading Hotels of the World Group. The grounds have a village style while remaining modern and elegant. The gorgeous green lawns lead you straight into the Mediterranean Sea where you can enjoy swimming and sailing on the calm crystal waters. After a day of exploring, the spa awaits with calming treatments, the perfect afternoon activity after taking part in the yoga classes. 
Image of a swimming pool sat amongst green trees and overlooking a sandy beach in Latchi in Cyprus

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