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Top 7 things to do in Las Vegas strip for Birthday

Top 7 things to do in Las Vegas strip for Birthday
The Las Vegas Strip is the most popular tourist area in Las Vegas because it is where all the best luxury hotels, shows, restaurants, attractions, and amenities are located. You could spend your entire Las Vegas trip within the four-mile length of the Las Vegas Strip and never get bored.
Below are the top seven things to do on the Las Vegas Strip for a birthday celebration.

1. Tournament of Kings

The Tournament of Kings is a medieval-themed dinner show at King Arthur’s Arena of the Excalibur Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. You will feel like you’ve been transported to the Middle Ages as you watch knights and jousters battle it out in the middle of the arena for your viewing pleasure.
Attending the show is perfect for a birthday celebration because audience members get treated like royalty. The staff will serve you a delicious dinner meal consisting of slow-roasted Cornish hen, lemon pepper roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, an apple square, and a fresh dinner roll. You can also request vegetarian and vegan food options too.
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2. Visit the Las Vegas sign

When you first enter the Las Vegas Strip on Las Vegas Boulevard, you will see the famous welcome sign which reads “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas.” It is the sign every tourist sees when they enter the city after coming from the airport.
Tourists can walk up to the sign and take photos of themselves in front of it. Sometimes Elvis impersonators will stand in front of the sign during the day to greet tourists. You could take your picture with an Elvis impersonator if one happens to be there when you visit the sign.

3. Cirque du Soleil’s “Mad Apple”

Mad Apple is the newest Las Vegas show from the legendary Cirque du Soleil production company. The show pays tribute to the wild nightlife of New York City by showcasing an impressive display of acrobatics, stunts, music, visual effects, dancers, costumes, and everything Cirque du Soleil is known to have in its shows. It is a great way to celebrate a birthday in proper New York fashion without being in New York City.
Are you interested in seeing more Cirque du Soleil shows? The five other active Cirque du Soleil shows performing in Las Vegas are Mystere, Ka, O, Michael Jackson ONE, and The Beatles LOVE. Visit the following link for more information and ticket discount opportunities to see these shows: https://vegaslens.com/guide/shows/
Image of pinball machines in the pinball hall of fame

4. Pinball Hall of Fame

The Pinball Hall of Fame is a nostalgic place to visit on your birthday if you grew up playing pinball machines in the arcade when you were younger. The pinball machines date back from the 1950s to the 1990s. You may recognize some notable pinball game titles like Pacman, Wheel of Fortune, Dr. Who, and Donkey Kong.
The Pinball Hall of Fame is in a 25,000-square-foot facility with over 200 famous pinball machines. Since it is a nonprofit pinball museum, admission is free to enter the Pinball Hall of Fame. But if you want to play a pinball game, it’ll cost you a few quarters like in the good old days.  

5. Visit the Mandalay Bay Resort

The Mandalay Bay Resort on the Las Vegas Strip has a manufactured white sandy beach called the Mandalay Bay Beach. It features a wave pool and lazy river aligned with palm trees, cabanas, sun loungers, and daybeds. The artificial waves allow you to surf on the aqua-blue water in the middle of the Nevada desert. What a great experience to have during a birthday trip to Las Vegas.
Stop by the Shark Reef Aquarium as you visit the Mandalay Bay Resort. The aquarium has a massive water tank exhibiting over 2,000 marine animals, such as sharks, endangered green turtles, glowing jellyfish, stingrays, piranhas, golden crocodiles, and more. You will never see an aquarium more diverse than this one.
Image of the Titanic Artifact Exhibition

6. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

How would you like to see the artifacts and architecture from the infamous Titanic shipwreck? If you have seen the Titanic movie from 1997, you may be familiar with the Grand Staircase, Promenade Deck, and sleeping quarters depicted in the film. Now, you can see these ship areas recreated in this museum dedicated to the Titanic at the Luxor Hotel.
The museum displays over 250 artifacts and items recovered from the sunken Titanic ship, including whistles, jewelry, and pieces of china. There is even a large section of the hull from the Titanic on display as well.

7. Las Vegas Strip helicopter tour

What better way to tour the Las Vegas Strip on a birthday than in a helicopter? When you take a helicopter tour ride above the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll see all the best attractions and sights from the sky. Taking a night helicopter tour is even better because you’ll see all the illuminating neon lights on the signs and buildings below. 
A Las Vegas Strip helicopter tour is an excellent birthday present for yourself or a friend or family member traveling with you in the city.


Las Vegas is a spectacular city to visit for many reasons. Even though you don’t need a particular reason to visit Las Vegas, people visit the city yearly to celebrate the holidays and special occasions like birthdays. So fill your Las Vegas travel itinerary with good-quality entertainment and sightseeing adventures. It’ll be a memorable birthday celebration for you and everyone else in your group experiencing it with you.