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The 2022 honeymoon trends

The 2022 honeymoon trends
After two years of postponed weddings and cancelled honeymoons, 2022 is expected to be an enormous year for the wedding and honeymoon industry.
Over 550,000 weddings are set to take place this year in the UK alone and as the world is starting to open up, and travelling abroad is becoming easier, honeymoons are expected to be bigger than ever. By analysing Google Trend Data, safari and travel experts Go2Africa reveal the honeymoon trends that are set to dominate 2022.

Honeymoon in Africa

honeymoon in africa” saw a 235.71% uplift in Goggle searches since the beginning of 2022
Africa is an incredibly diverse continent, with each country offering a totally unique experience for visitors, making it a perfect choice for a versatile honeymoon. From the picturesque tropical beaches of Seychelles to the bespoke safari experiences of Botswana, and the natural wonder of Victoria Falls, an African honeymoon offers something for everyone. If planned efficiently, your honeymoon in Africa can tick off multiple destinations, offering you a beautifully diverse and exciting getaway to start your married life off.

Pet friendly getaways

pet friendly holiday” seeing a 417.4% uplift in searches since beginning of 2022
With over 3.2 million households acquiring a pet across the past two years, it is no wonder that many newlyweds are looking to incorporate their newest member of the family into their honeymoon celebrations. Pet friendly holidays have been seeing a steady incline in searches since 2020, but have especially boosted since the beginning on 2022, as travelling abroad has become more possible. Travelling abroad with a pet does require more planning, however it can be done relatively easily. If travelling to an EU country, you will need proof of:
  • A microchip
  • Rabies vaccination
  • An animal health certificate or pet passport
If travelling to a non-EU country then you will require:
  • An Export Health Certificate (EHC), which checks that your pet meets the health requirements of the country you are travelling to. An official vet will need to administer this.
  • An Export Application Form (EXA)

Bucket list adventures

unique honeymoon” – 3900% uplift in searches since beginning of 2022
What better way to start off your married life together than ticking a long-awaited experience off your bucket list. Another trend indirectly caused by the pandemic, many of us spent a lot of time wishing we could visit our dream destinations or encounter our dream experiences. Now travel restrictions have mostly lifted across the world, couples are looking to jump back into travelling and do the things they have always talked about.
Popular bucket list destinations include visiting the wonders of the world, seeing the Big Five on safari or visiting the most romantic cities across the world, but the beauty of a bucket list means it can be tailored completely to the couples’ taste.

Wellness escapes

wellness holiday” saw 303.12% uplift in Google searches since the beginning of 2022
It is no surprise that 52% of couples report that planning their wedding was an incredibly stressful experience. From managing budget to finding venues, weddings are known to be a difficult event to plan efficiently, and this has undoubtedly worsened since the beginning of the pandemic. 2020 saw over 260,000 weddings postponed, resulting in more demand for wedding venues and suppliers and higher costs for the engaged couple.
It is no wonder that couples are seeking a more relaxing honeymoon to make up for the incredibly stressful two years of lockdown. Wellness honeymoons are getaways that have mindfulness and relaxation at their forefront, allowing couples to switch off entirely from the “real world” and instead embrace a slower pace of life.

All-inclusive honeymoon

all inclusive honeymoon” 3100% uplift in searches since beginning of 2022
Whether you plan your wedding in a matter of months or years, most couples will agree that planning all the details of their wedding is an incredibly demanding task, with many noting how many details they initially overlooked. Honeymoons, therefore, that allow couples to sit back, relax and not have to worry about making any further arrangements, are now exceptionally popular as it is deemed the perfect antidote to meticulously planning a wedding.

Travelling holiday

multi destination honeymoon” – 9600% uplift in searches since beginning of 2022
After two years of restricted holidays, 2022 is set to be the year of making up for lost time, so what better way to celebrate your wedding with a multi-destination honeymoon. A travelling holiday allows couples to visit multiple destinations in a shorter space of time, essentially combining the missed holidays into one big chunk. Although this may seem daunting, this type of honeymoon can be easily executed. Travel experts will be able to plan bespoke holidays to best suit both of your wants in a holiday.
Examples of this include combining a bucket list destination, such as the Victoria Falls, alongside a luxury stay in Seychelles sunshine, finished off with a state of the art safari tour spotting the Big Five across South Africa.

Active honeymoons

adventure honeymoon” – 9900% uplift in searches since beginning of 2022
For the couple who are very much “get up and go,” an adventure holiday filled with activities and exploring is the perfect honeymoon idea.
Beach holidays make for the perfect backdrop for many activities, such as snorkelling, surfing and kayaking, however adrenaline filled activities aren’t just reserved for the beach. Mainland activities, from hiking through forests or up mountains, to ziplining through the rainforest, are all exciting options for the active couple.
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