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10 Benefits of staying in a serviced apartment on a trip

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10 Benefits of staying in a serviced apartment on a trip
Whether you're on a holiday, business trip or weekend escape, serviced apartments are a fantastic option that has the comfort and convenience of home
Serviced apartments give you the freedom you need for both short and extended stays, offering the comfort and convenience of your home.
Berkshire Rooms, a provider of serviced apartments in Berkshire has put together the top ten key benefits of staying in serviced accommodation and what to expect should you choose to stay in one.

1. Flexibility

Serviced apartments come with a sense of freedom, being able to come and go at your convenience, whether it's day or night. Plus, the flexibility to stay as briefly or as long as you desire adds an extra advantage.
"There's a sense of freedom, coming and going at your convenience"
Whether it's a one-night stay or an extended visit spanning months, serviced apartments are an excellent option, particularly for those embarking on extended business trips or leisurely vacations.

2. Space

Serviced apartments offer lots of room and can usually host a large number of guests when needed. They typically come with a living area and kitchen, as well as sleeping spaces and well-equipped bathrooms.
You can find serviced accommodation with multiple rooms, bedrooms, and even a garden and swimming pool. This makes them perfect for business travellers as well as big families and groups.

3. Comfort

Living room with comfy sofas in a serviced apartment
We believe that serviced apartments provide a greater level of comfort compared to various other options, including many hotels. These apartments are typically fully furnished and come with the latest appliances and features.
This ensures that guests have access to all the modern facilities they require, including a fully functional kitchen, laundry areas, comfortable sofas in the living room, spacious and cosy beds, and more.

4. Convenience

Most serviced apartments are located in the central areas of towns and cities. This makes them ultra-convenient for both business and leisure travellers who may not have the luxury of their car during their stay.
"Most serviced apartments are located in central areas of towns and cities"
Serviced apartments are often positioned close to shops, businesses, fitness centres, and major public transport links including railway stations, bus depots, and airports. Some serviced apartments also include a parking space for guests with vehicles.

5. Value for money

Bedroom in a serviced apartment
For those on a budget, serviced apartments offer great value for money, especially for guests planning longer stays. In many instances, serviced apartments prove to be a more economical choice compared to alternatives like hotels when considering their daily rates.
Moreover, you typically receive more value for your money with serviced apartments due to the extensive array of facilities, amenities, and additional space included in the overall price.

6. Kitchen facilities

During an extended holiday or business trip, there's often a preference for a simple, home-cooked meal rather than fancy cuisine. This is a notable advantage of serviced apartments—they feature fully-equipped kitchens, enabling guests to prepare their preferred meals.
"During an extended holiday or business trip, there's a preference for home-cooked meals "
This proves to be a highly convenient dining option, saving money on eating out while offering guests the luxury of deciding what and when to eat.

7. Laundry areas

Washing machines and tumble dryers are common in serviced apartments. They allow guests to do their laundry at their own convenience and when necessary.
This is particularly beneficial for those on longer stays and can help save money on expensive dry cleaning.

8. Customised stays

Chairs on the balcony of a serviced apartment
One of the main attractions of serviced apartments is that guests can customise their stay any way they like.
This allows guests to choose the number of rooms they require, and the location of the apartment, while remaining close to all essential amenities. Guests can tailor their stay in a serviced apartment to suit their individual preferences and needs.

9. Privacy

With serviced apartments, you benefit from a high level of privacy as you can retreat to the sanctuary of your own, personal living space, separate from other guests.
The ability to experience peace and quiet when required is a significant attraction for those who value solitude or a private space to work.

10. Local experience

Serviced apartments allow guests the time to immerse themselves in local life and the nearby neighbourhood, this is especially useful when guests are staying in the area for extended periods.
While hotels can often seem impersonal, serviced apartments provide a richer cultural experience compared with the standardised environment in most hotels.
Serviced apartments often stand out as the preferred accommodation for business travellers, families, and tourists. With added comfort, convenience, and a genuine home-like atmosphere, they consistently prove to be a more cost-effective and appealing choice over traditional hotels.
Banner photo: Berkshire Rooms
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