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Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is
In 2017 a record number of over 41 million overseas tourists visited the United Kingdom.  This number fell to a new low of nearly 6.4 million at the heart of the pandemic in 2021 but since then numbers have dramatically risen to just under 30 million in 2022 with an anticipated 35 million in 2023.

Why do tourists continue to come to UK in such numbers? 

“Harlem World” gives a number of reasons why the United Kingdom is one of the best destinations to visit in Europe.  It highlights the breath-taking scenery, with coastal vistas, historic castles and rolling green fields. Then there are the pubs and delicious food, such as fish and chips and pies and pints.  And then there are the people.  They are described as being “universally quite lovely.”  It goes on to say that “People in the UK are well-read, well-spoken, and well-dressed.  They know how to hold a conversation. People in the UK are polite and easy to be around.…When you take a trip to the UK, you will be enthralled by the people. They are amazing.”
One might ask why it takes a traveller from far away country to tell us what an amazing country we live in and what amazing people we truly are.  And if that is the case, why are so many British people so desperate to go away for their holidays.  Of course, the obvious answer is the weather.  You just can’t guarantee to have good weather when you stay at home.
While that is true, these days one can’t even guarantee to have good weather when you go abroad.  In recent years we have seen much of continental Europe suffer devastating storms and floods.  We have seen killer heat waves, droughts and forest fires wreaking untold havoc and destruction.
No, the weather is not what it used to be.  And neither is international travel.  Rising prices, travel restrictions and cancelled flights, brought travel mayhem to airports all around the world.  Maybe two weeks sitting by a pool in Spain is not the dream holiday it used to be.
That is why so many of us are opting to stay local and tasting what the good old British Isles has to offer as an alternative.  Following a summer of airport mayhem, cancelled flights, and now looming energy price rises, it comes as no surprise that a third of Brits are choosing to keep their feet firmly on the ground and holiday at home this year.
International travellers contributed about £106 Billion to the British Economy and supported 2.6 million jobs.  It is estimated that this will rise to £257 Billion and 3.8 million jobs in 2025.  In contrast, British travellers spent about £43 Billion on foreign holidays in 2019.  Tourism certainly is big business and is a vital part of many national economies.  Just think of the extra boost to the British economy if more Britons decided to stay and spend their hard earned cash at home.
And unpredictable weather needn’t be the deciding factor it used to me.  More and more holiday makers are moving away from lying on the sun loungers by the pool all day and only moving to fill up at the all-day buffet kind of holiday and opting for the all action sporting holiday.  It’s no longer “eat and drink as much as you possibly can” but “do as many exciting challenging things as you possibly can.” 
Neil Bevan, General Manager at The Manor & Ashbury Resorts in Devon is excited to see more and more people joining exploring his beautiful part of the country. Set in the heart of the glorious Devon, countryside, The Manor and Ashbury Resorts are located just 2 miles apar and between them offer an outstanding choice of over 70 different sporting and leisure activities including golf, tennis, bowling, archery, and many more with pools, spas and many craft workshops as well activities.
Just think.  No cancelled flights, no airport queues, and no forest fires.  Just all the fun you can have.  There has never been a better time to stay home.
Banner image credit:  Image by Bittermuir from Pixabay

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