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Holiday for longer: Why a two-week break just works

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Holiday for longer: Why a two-week break just works
If the usual 7 night holiday never feels quite long enough, why not explore more in 2024 and take a 2 week vacation instead? Taking a little longer means that you can take a wander from the usual tourist trail and dig a little deeper under the skin of the destination you’re in, immersing yourself in the culture, cuisine and countryside. 
Here are our suggestions of some interesting places that deserve more of your time - a 14-night stay in each of them is sure to uncover wonders galore. So delve into the unique charms of each destination and explore why a two-week getaway is the perfect duration to unravel the magic they have to offer.

Croatia: A Tapestry of History and Coastline 

Croatia, with its Adriatic coastline and mediaeval towns, is a gem waiting to be explored. A 14-night holiday allows ample time to traverse the historic streets of Dubrovnik, stroll through the ancient Diocletian's Palace in Split, and unwind on the pristine beaches of Hvar. The azure waters of the Adriatic beckon for leisurely boat rides, while the Plitvice Lakes National Park offers a surreal experience of cascading waterfalls amidst lush greenery. From the architectural marvels to the coastal wonders, Croatia unveils its diverse beauty over the course of two unforgettable weeks.

Cyprus: Where History Meets Mediterranean Bliss 

Cyprus, with its blend of ancient history and Mediterranean allure, is a hidden gem for a 14-night holiday. Begin your journey in the historic streets of Nicosia, explore the ancient ruins of Kourion, and soak in the sun on the beaches of Paphos. The Troodos Mountains offer a scenic retreat, while the charming villages provide a glimpse into traditional Cypriot life. With ample time, you can taste the island's cuisine, from meze feasts to fresh seafood. Cyprus unfolds its beauty slowly, making a 14-night stay the ideal duration for a full exploration of this wonderful place.

Tunisia: A North African Tapestry 

Tunisia, nestled on the northernmost tip of Africa, is a destination rich in history and diverse landscapes. Spend time exploring the ancient ruins of Carthage and the bustling markets of Tunis. Then, venture into the Sahara Desert for a unique desert experience, discovering the troglodyte dwellings of Matmata and the grandeur of the ancient city of Dougga. A 14-night stay allows you to appreciate Tunisia's cultural depth, from the Roman ruins of Dougga to the enchanting blue and white streets of Sidi Bou Said.

Egypt: Ancient Wonders and Nile Majesty

A fortnight in Egypt unveils the secrets of the pharaohs and the timeless allure of the Nile. Start in Cairo, marvelling at the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, before exploring the temples of Luxor and Karnak, discover the Valley of the Kings, and witness the vibrant culture along the riverbanks of the Nile. A 14-night holiday allows for a comprehensive journey, from the bustling bazaars of Cairo to the tranquillity of Aswan. Egypt, with its ancient wonders and modern vibrancy, promises an epic adventure that merits the time to truly immerse yourself in its wonders.

Mexico: A Fiesta of Colors and Flavours 

Mexico's rich tapestry of culture, history, and cuisine is best savoured over an extended stay. Spend the first week exploring the archaeological wonders of Chichen Itza and the vibrant streets of Mexico City. Then, venture to the coastal paradises of Tulum and Playa del Carmen for a relaxing second week. Dive into the mesmerising cenotes, savour authentic tacos, and immerse yourself in the warmth of Mexican hospitality. A 14-night sojourn in Mexico promises a fiesta of colours, flavours, and unforgettable moments.

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In the realm of travel, the magic lies in the details, and a 14-night holiday is the key to unlocking the full spectrum of experiences these extraordinary destinations offer. From the historical richness of Croatia to the vibrant fiestas of Mexico, the Mediterranean allure of Cyprus, the North African tapestry of Tunisia, and the ancient wonders of Egypt, each destination beckons for exploration. Let the allure of a two-week escape be your guide, as you unravel the magic woven into the fabric of these diverse and captivating lands. Your 14-night odyssey awaits!

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