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Discover French food with Taste France magazine

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26th Mar 2023 Recipes

Discover French food with Taste France magazine
From delicious comté cheese to signature beef bourguignon, France has cuisine that is internationally acclaimed and enjoyed by millions across the globe.
Many people outside France have heard of their wonderful delicacies and beverages, and many have tried them in a restaurant. But perhaps fearing they could never compete in the kitchen with the French gourmets, sadly few have dared make these recipes at home. And for many, the history and provenance behind Gallic cuisine that has made it so esteemed are unknown. That’s where Taste France Magazine comes in.
From the basics you need to know about all those incredible products (including where to find them!) to amazing recipes and the stories behind them, Taste France Magazine is the place to look. With the help of top chefs and food writers, it’s never been so easy to learn about the amazing world of French cuisine.
So, with that in mind, let’s take a thumbnail sketch of a few things we’ve learned from their brilliant website.

Les Clos de Paulilles: Great Wines from the coast

Great French food is always best paired with great French wine. With Taste France Magazine you’ll soon know the difference between a Burgundy and a Bordeaux and learn to wax lyrical about the terroir in the Loire Valley!  And of course, it’s not all about the most famous names – wine is produced all over the country and Taste France tells us all about emerging and lesser-known regions, products and trends.
If you ever find your way down the coastal Roussillon region, you’ll find an up-and-coming vineyard producing some of the best wines you can treat your tastebuds to.
With an aim to produce great wines all while encouraging biodiversity, the Les Clos de Paulilles wine estate get the best out of their spectacular location to create their stunning rosés, gorgeous whites and deep and lively reds.
Taste France Magazine takes a deep dive into great vineyards like this one, as well as offering expert recommendations on the best wines from these vineyards to try, providing you with the perfect wine-tasting evening for you and your guests to enjoy.

The famous beef bourguignon

The beef bourguignon has been a staple French dish for well over 100 years, and it’s been a signature romantic dinner for nearly as long. Delicious pieces of beef braised in red wine with bacon, carrots and mushrooms, it’s not only good for matters of the heart, but it’s comfort food for your soul too.
Originating in the region of Burgundy in the Middle Ages, it was first a meal only made by peasants. But its reputation began to grow in the late 1800s, and when legendary chef Auguste Escoffier wrote down the recipe in 1903, this peasant dish became the talk of high society dining across the world.
Taste France Magazine has a delicious recipe for this meal that you can’t miss out on. Paired with a red like Nuits-Saint Georges, whatever the occasion, it makes for a satisfying and unforgettable meal.


To the uninitiated, a croque-monsieur is a cheese and ham toastie. But in French hands, this simple dish becomes something else entirely. Everyone can make a sandwich, but by adding in a few ingredients and cooking it slightly differently, you can really elevate your sandwich-making to create one that your tastebuds love.
For this one, the real difference between the standard ham and cheese sandwich you make at home in 5 mins and the real deal is the addition of bechamel sauce and Périgord truffle cream to add that French twist that takes it to the next level.
Taste France Magazine has a wonderful yet simple and easy recipe for this sandwich that’ll deliver an instant food favourite while show off your French cooking skills in front of friends and family. What’s not to like?

Experience the taste of France

Hope this whistle-stop tour of Taste France Magazine has whetted your appetite to learn more about the wonderful cuisine of this beautiful country. We have shown but a small selection, but hopefully this is just the start of a fantastic and delicious culinary journey of discovery for you.

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