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Car-free Switzerland: Cut fuel costs out of your holiday

Car-free Switzerland: Cut fuel costs out of your holiday
Avoid the hassle of travelling with a vehicle and save money on fuel by planning your next holiday at one of Switzerland's car-free villages
With record-setting fuel costs, vacationing without a car has never looked better. This is particularly true in Switzerland, where the rail network is the finest in Europe, according to the European Railway Performance Index.  
In Switzerland, the world-class transportation system extends well beyond trains. Trams, cableways, and boats efficiently move people to nooks and crannies all over the country. Soaring mountain peaks, pristine alpine lakes, enchanting villages, and wine so delicious it rarely makes it out of the country are a few more reasons to make Switzerland your next vacation destination.  
Transport in Switzerland
Switzerland is known for its world class transport system
Tranquil, pedestrian-friendly, and accessible Swiss car-free villages welcome visitors year-round. Hike through alpine meadows, bike on scenic trails, or relax on a terrace and soak up spectacular views during the warmer months. Late spring and early autumn is also a great time to consider Switzerland city breaks.
In the winter, carve down groomed slopes, tramp about in snowshoes, or explore winter hiking trails. Refuel with traditional cheese fondue served at the table in a communal pot over an open flame. Fortunately, this classic cold-weather meal is served throughout the year, so all visitors can enjoy this delicious Swiss national dish. 
"Hike through alpine meadows, bike on scenic trails, or relax on a terrace and soak up spectacular views"
From five-star mountain resorts to guestrooms in a rustic alpine setting, this selection of car-free destinations along with accommodation options will help you plan a memorable getaway in Switzerland. 

What to do in Zermatt

Zermatt has been car-free for decades to prevent pollution from obscuring views of the iconic Matterhorn. While it isn't the tallest mountain in Switzerland, the pyramid-shaped Matterhorn is the most well-known. Looming large above Zermatt and framed on three sides by the sky, the Matterhorn appears to be the only mountain around.
Zermatt, Switzerland, in winter
Zermatt offers adventures all year round
Zermatt is an all-season adventure-lovers' playground attracting visitors from around the globe. In the summer months, the world's national ski teams train at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Europe's largest and highest ski region.
In addition to year-round access to extensive outdoor activities, there are plenty of relaxing pursuits like wandering along Zermatt's pedestrian-friendly Bahnhofstrasse and culinary experiences, including Michelin star restaurants. 

Where to stay in Zermatt

There is a range of accommodation options in Zermatt, and many properties offer captivating and ever-changing views of light and clouds playing around the Matterhorn. For a luxury experience, stay at CERVO Mountain Resort.  

What to do in Saas-Fee

You'll find Switzerland's highest mountain, the Dom, climbing above Saas-Fee. Known as '"The Pearl of the Alps", Saas-Fee is surrounded by 13 four-thousand-meter peaks. From this mountain village, snow-covered summits, cascading glaciers, and rugged valleys colour the horizon.
Saas-Fee, Switzerland
Saas-Fee is the perfect base from which to explore the best of Swiss nature
Saas-Fee has always been car-free. During the warmer months, pedestrians stroll the designed-for-wandering streets, and hikers roam trails with pieces of carrot tucked away in their pockets or backpacks for the local marmots.
"Known as 'The Pearl of the Alps', Saas-Fee is surrounded by 13 four-thousand-meter peaks"
For a bird's eye view of the Dom and the other magnificent mountain peaks above Saas-Fee, take the cable car or underground railway to the Mittelallalin. From here, visit the world's highest revolving restaurant, Allalin, which turns 360° every hour.

Where to stay in Saas-Fee

Choose to stay in a hotel or holiday home in Saas-Fee. For a five-star boutique experience, make a reservation at The Capra.

What to do in Mürren

Located above the Lauterbrunnen valley, tiny car-free Mürren attracts outdoor enthusiasts—it's home to Switzerland's first ski school—as well as fans of James Bond. Scenes from the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service were filmed at the revolving restaurant on the Schilthorn summit high above Mürren.
"Mürren attracts outdoor enthusiasts as well as fans of James Bond"
Known as the mountain top hideout "Piz Gloria" in the Bond movie, the name has remained. Today visitors can ride a cable car from Mürren and dine in Piz Gloria restaurant, with views over the Eiger, Jungfrau, and more than 200 alpine peaks. Spy World, an interactive exhibition dedicated to the 007 movie and the Skyline View platform are a few other attractions at the summit.  
Thrill walk in Murren, Switzerland
Thrill-seekers will love Mürren
Adrenaline lovers will want to stop at Birg station to experience the Skyline Walk and Thrill Walk.   

Where to stay in Mürren

Choose from a selection of hotels and holiday rentals in Mürren. For an enhanced 007 experience, reserve the James Bond Suite at the Hotel Eiger.  

What to do in Rigi

Located in central Switzerland, near Lake Lucerne and Lake Zug, Rigi has been attracting visitors since the 18th century. Known as the "Queen of the Mountains", Rigi has hosted Queen Victoria, painter William Turner, and Mark Twain. William Turner captured Rigi in three paintings. One of these, The Blue Rigi, Sunrise, was acquired by the Tate Gallery.  
Rigi, Switzerland
Rigi is know as the "Queen of the Mountains"
Extraordinary panoramic views, abundant natural beauty, tranquillity, and an opportunity to ride Europe's first cog railway continue to attract local and international visitors to Rigi. 

Where to stay in Rigi

Rigi can be an easy car-free day trip from Lucerne, but for an immersive experience, plan to stay in a hotel, holiday home, or mountain guesthouse. Cheese lovers will want to request a stay at alpine inn Chäserenholz and experience first-hand the work of farmer and cheesemaker Franz-Toni Kennel.
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