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Belfast’s Oldest Pub – an Absolute Must-See for Tourists

Belfast’s Oldest Pub – an Absolute Must-See for Tourists

Have you recently booked a trip to Belfast, Ireland? Are you already starting your research on all the top sights and attractions that the city has to offer? 

Belfast is of course the capital of Northern Ireland and boasts all kinds of incredible points of interest. But what you may not know about this city is that it’s also well-known for its pub culture. Tourists will be able to visit all kinds of traditional and authentic pubs, including the city's oldest pub. 

So, let’s take a look at the pub culture here in Belfast, including a look at its oldest pub.

Whites Tavern – Belfast’s Oldest Pub

If you’re hoping to take in a bit of history, then why not combine it with culture? A visit to Whites Tavern will give you a chance to visit Belfast’s oldest pub providing you with a true authentic Irish experience. Established in 1630, Whites Tavern has a long history. It was actually granted the first ever tavern license in Belfast, back in 1630.

Highlights of this pub include the fact that the entry is through a wine cellar. It originally acted as an old trading alley and was actually home of the Mercury Newspaper. The Mercury was founded in the 1850s, which just adds to the history and allure of the pub.

Over the years, it was home to the tavern, of course, a hotel, and a few spirit and wine merchants. Many residents will also tell you that it even acted as the first spirit and wine store, operated by the Bateson family, in the Winecellar entry.

Despite the fact that the building is historic and authentic, it has gone through some makeovers throughout the years in order to keep it in good condition. It maintains its original integrity, however, complete with exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and that charming rustic seating.

Today you can enjoy locally-brewed draft and bottled beer, some local Irish whiskey, traditional pub grub, take in a sporting event on the big screen TV, and even live entertainment.

Extend the Pub Experience with an Organised Pub Crawl

And if the visit to Whites Tavern just isn’t enough to satisfy your pub cravings, then you can extend the experience by signing up for an organised pub crawl. There are pub crawls and tours that visit all different areas of the city, and will also give you the chance to socialise with other tourists. These tours take care of all the details such as transportation (if applicable), choosing which pubs to visit, getting you in the door fast, and just making sure the entire experience is smooth.

Keep in mind that the Irish pub experience is about more than just a pint of beer; it’s also about the food, live music, the architecture and history of the pubs, and of course the atmosphere. 

Pub Life – the True Irish Experience

So, if you’re gearing up for a holiday in Belfast, be sure to experience a little bit of pub life – a true Irish experience.

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