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Advantages of staying in a holiday home on holiday

Advantages of staying in a holiday home on holiday

Just a few years ago, if you were going on vacation, there was almost no question that you’d be staying in a hotel.

But, more recently, it has become much more common to stay in a vacation home that you rent from the homeowner.

This may seem outlandish to someone who’s not very familiar with the concept, but it is an extremely popular route nowadays instead of staying in a hotel. Let’s go over the advantages of staying in a holiday home.

Holiday homes

Holiday homes are houses or apartments that are owned by someone else, who rents it out for some parts of the year. When you stay at a holiday home, you’re paying an individual and not a corporation. The person you rent your holiday home from will likely be in touch with you, making the experience as seamless as possible.


If you’ve stayed in a hotel before, you’ve probably heard the sound of children running up and down the halls while you’re trying to sleep. When you do wake up, you’re starving, so you go to the kitchen that’s full of other people waiting for food to be served to them. It may not be too bad, but it gets monotonous and frustrating,

When you stay in a holiday home, these experiences are nonexistent. You have the whole space to yourself, full of only the sounds that you allow. You can wake up on your own accord (instead of being awoken by the guests upstairs frantically hurrying to check out so they won’t be charged extra), and when it’s time for breakfast, it’s on your own time.

In addition to this, you get more space. Nowadays, prices for holiday homes are pretty similar to prices for hotels. Except when you pay for a holiday home, you’re paying for multiple rooms, and in a hotel, you get one room that’s a couple dozen square feet (if you’re lucky).

Cost efficiency

That brings us to our next point, the bang for your buck. Like hotels, holiday homes will vary in price. The difference is the value. Regardless of where your holiday home is located, there’s almost no question that you’ll have more space than you’d have in a hotel.

There won’t be any room service, but if you’ve stayed in many hotels, chances are you’ve had to go grocery shopping then, too. When staying at a holiday home, you’ll likely have to do this, but you have full control over what you eat and when you can eat it.

A holiday home is more luxurious than a hotel in many ways. For one, there aren’t any employees running on a clock to get your needs met, so there’s a lot more freedom with time.


Often, our idea of a luxurious vacation includes a nice hotel, with people knocking on your door waiting to wash your bedsheets. While this isn’t a bad thing, maybe you’ve gotten annoyed with it because it’s only been one night and nothing’s really that dirty, you probably showered as soon as you got there anyway. This isn’t how it is in a holiday home; you make the rules.

The concept of a luxurious vacation is quickly shifting with the abundance of holiday homes. Maybe you’ve dreamed of owning a villa on the beach to visit on your holidays. The reality is, for most people, owning more than one home isn’t happening. But what about living your dream of staying in a villa that you rent?

For a few days or weeks, you can live this dream by renting a holiday home. It’s less hassle than a hotel too, there’s no one knocking at your door and no stressing about check-in times.


While you don’t get the traditional hotel amenities, a holiday home offers amenities in a different way. Most of them are pet-friendly and have Wi-Fi as well as a TV and many kitchen appliances like a full-size fridge, a coffee maker, and more.

When you stay at a holiday home, you know exactly what to expect before you even book it, as people who rent their homes will list everything the home has to offer. You’ll also be in contact with the owner, who can give you suggestions on places to visit and will tell you where the remote is. 

Final thoughts

Staying at a holiday home on holiday instead of a hotel is a more peaceful experience. You’ll get to stay in a friendly neighborhood, instead of a hallway with a dozen rooms full of people who love to make noise when you’re trying to relax. At a holiday home, you get to relax whenever you want and have complete privacy and control during your stay.

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