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7 Useful travel accessories for any trip

BY Joshua Joda

12th Apr 2023 Travel Guides

3 min read

7 Useful travel accessories for any trip
From USB chargers to weighing scales, these useful travel accessories will make your next trip easy and enjoyable
Travel accessories have taken off over the years, with people always on the lookout for ways to travel more comfortably and conveniently. We’ve all experienced it: when you arrive at your destination, excited and ready to enjoy yourself, you realise you’ve forgotten one crucial thing—a travel adaptor. 
But the reality is—travel doesn’t have to be stressful, and these items will help to make for smoother experiences.
Last updated - April 2023

GoTravel worldwide USB charger

Worldwide USB charger
A versatile USB charger is essential for trips all over the globe Making this the perfect travel accessory. It has four USB slots for charging multiple devices and three plug heads (US, UK and Australasia) for use in different regions. And as a plus, you’ll be covered for travel to up to 200 countries.

Legami digital-luggage weighing scale

Digital weighing scale
Did you not pack enough, or did you over-do it? Is your bag too heavy and will you have to pay more to check it in? Questions like these can play on your mind and add to the stress of travelling, but you can get a bit of respite with a weighing scale.
The scales measure in kg/lb and can support a maximum weight of 50kg—allowing you to travel with more confidence before you even step foot in the airport. And hopefully it will allow you to focus a bit more on your destination!

Funnasting clear toiletry travel bag

Clear toiletry bag
Everyone can relate to going through security at the airport without worry in mind when you notice your carry-on or backpack has been flagged for a search. And usually it’s that perfume, body spray or moisturiser that you forgot to put in a clear bag in your luggage.
But you can travel without this all-too-common mishap with a transparent travel bag for all your toiletries. Saving you time going through security, you’ll be able to relax before your flight.

Away mini case

The mini
The Mini is a unique piece of travel kit and is as the name implies, it’s a mini version of a suitcase—made from the same polycarbonate material as a lot of cases. It’s compact, can fit in your hand and you can use it to store any travel essentials in one small, secure, and convenient case.

Away tech case

The tech chase
Travelling in the modern day, with everything from power banks to travel adaptors, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself taking a lot of technology along with you.
This is why it can be a great choice in the long-term to have a dedicated bag to hold your items for easier access, rather than having them spread about in your luggage or backpack.

Eono neck pillow

Eono neck pillow
You’ve probably seen people with them in airports and for good reason, as neck pillows can be a godsend for frequent travellers. Planes aren’t well-known for having the most comfortable seats or headrests.
But with an ergonomic shape, this memory foam pillow provides support for your neck and head, which is ideal for long-haul trips or frequent shorter journeys.

Guardsy mini first aid kit

mini first aid kit
Holidays should be care-free trips for exploring, relaxing and having fun—but life and travel can often be unpredictable. So, if you’re an active traveller and live for outdoor activities like surfing, trekking or hiking, it can be invaluable to have peace of mind.
Included inside the kit is: a torch, emergency blanket, plasters and a useful first aid guide that you can download to help you out in emergencies.  
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