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7 Camping essentials for your next trip


8th Aug 2023 Home & Garden

7 Camping essentials for your next trip

Having to think about what to pack for a camping trip can be quite in-tents. Luckily, once you've managed to fit the tent in the car, here's a list of top camping essentials that you might want to take on your next trip. 

Maybe you're planning a trip wild camping through rural France, you want to adventure through some of America's impressive national parks, or maybe you’re going to soak up some sights in the Scottish highlands on a much needed break from a city. 

Whatever your camping destination, here's a list of the top camping essentials for your next trip so that you'll have everything you need to get out in nature and enjoy yourself. 

1. YETI Roadie 24 cool box 

A woman lifting the YETI Cosmic Lilac collection coolbox into a car Credit: YETI 

While it's great to get away from the city and out into nature, it does mean that you might not necessarily have a restaurant or a supermarket on your doorstep. With a cool box, you can keep essentials like veggies and wine fresher for longer, so you can dine whenever you feel like it. 

This cool box from YETI comes in a variety of colours and sizes, with a new lilac shade having just been launched as part of the company's Cosmic collection. 


Weight: 5.806 kg 

Height: 44.45 cm 

2. Greentainer unbreakable plastic dinnerware set 

A mother smiling at a daughter eating breakfast Credit: Amazon 

Just because you're camping doesn't mean you can't eat your lovingly prepared meals off of high quality tableware. The unbreakable material used to make Greentainer's four-person camping set makes this crockery perfect for kids and adults alike. 

Available in a variety of colours and dishwasher and microwave safe (once you get back to somewhere with an electricity supply and household amenities), this is definitely a camping essential. 


Weight: 1.62 kilograms 

Runder Set-16 pieces 

3. Anorak organic cotton sleeping bag

woman smiling in flowery sleeping bag in nature Credit: Amazon 

With a focus on bringing that 'run free' feeling of being outdoors into the comfort of your home, Anorak produce sustainable bedding that is suitable for both indoors and out! Their organic cotton sleeping bags are perfect for summer and their range of brightly coloured designs means you'll definitely know whcih sleeping bag is yours! 

With a rectangular rather than triangular shape, your'll be nice and cosy and have plenty of foot room. They can also be unzipped entirely to make a quilt, or you can zip yours to your camping buddy's, for maximum snuggle comfort. 


Outer material: 200 thread count, super soft 100@ organic cotton 

Size open: 85 cm x 178 cm

4. Baxter Wood raincoat 

Woman wearing an olive coloured Baxter Wood raincoat Credit: Baxter Wood 

As lovely as it would be to go camping, safe in the knowledge that your weekend away will be nothing but blue skies and sunny summery days, we do live in the UK. Luckily, Baxter Wood have got you covered (literally) with their sustainable Trawler Coat that is made to last.

Fully waterproof, with hand-welded seams, a rubberised polyeester lining made from 22 recycled bottles and coated with a polyurethane stretch fabric, the planet will thank you! 


Fully waterproof 

Fabric weight: 290 gsm 

5. Stanley Classic thermos flask 

man pouring tea from a flask into a lid-cup held by a woman Credit: Amazon 

After you've possibly (probably) been caught in showers while camping in the beautiful British countryside, what better to warm you up than a cup of tea (or maybe even a nice hot soup) from your thermos flask—an absolute essential. 

This Stanley classic thermos flask keeps liquids hot or cold for up to 32 hours and comes with a leak-proof lid which doubles up as a cup. Made from stainless steel, this flask is extremely durable and can be taken on even the most remote camping trips—it can most definitely survive the dishwasher as well once you get home! 


1.9 Litres 

Dishwasher safe 

6. Clever fire lighter camping stove 

pellet wood stove on grass Credit: Amazon 

Making use of pellets rather than a gas cannister (although small wood works as well), this eco-friendly camping stove is perfect for cooking a delicious camp meal. This stove consists of six easy-to-assemble pieces made of high temperature metal (so they won't melt or deform) as well as a stand to store pellets and firestarters. 

With a large pellet load, you will be able to boil water in under eight minutes and have tea on the table—or on laps on camping chairs—in no time at all. 


Fuel type: wood 

Material: metal 

7. BioLite AlpenGlow 500 USB lantern 

Woman in a tent at night with a lamp Credit: BioLite

As the night draws in after a long, exciting day of hiking or sightseeing, or maybe just relaxng in nature, this USB lantern comes equipped with high-efficiency ChromaReal LED technology that accurately renders the colours in your environment, so you can smoothly transition into nighttime. 

As well as providing light so you don't trip and fall when you need to get up and use the bathroom in the middle of the night, the AlpenGlow 500 can withstand rain and splashing and has a 200-hour run time—making it the perfect camping companion.


6400mAh rechargeable battery 

USB-out charges devices or runs BioLite SiteLights 

Banner credit: Wanchanta

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This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.


This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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