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5 natural beauty spots to visit in Greece 

5 natural beauty spots to visit in Greece 
 With endless blue seas, sandy coves and rugged coastlines, Greece is a perfect destination for exploring the great outdoors. So, while you’re browsing for villas in Greece, keep these natural beauty spots in mind to ensure you experience something spectacular on your next holida

Melissani Lake Cave 

In Kefalonia near Sami in the Ionian Islands, is the otherworldly Melissani Lake Cave. Take a waterproof video camera with you through the narrow gorge into the lake to capture the light as it changes colour. Discovered in 1951 by palaeontologist Giannis Petrochilos, this 40-metre wide lake is submerged in a cave. Over time a part of the cave ceiling has worn away and exposed part of the lake to the elements. With the sun shining down overhead, the crystal clear water in the cave warms up. Take a boat ride through the natural tunnels into the cave to take in this mesmerising lagoon. 


Listen on the UNESCO World Heritage collection, Meteora is a stunning hiking destination. Near to the scaling Pindos Mountains in the centre of Mainland Greece, climb through the countryside to take in the unusual sight of these huge lumps of rock springing out of the lush landscape. What makes this landscape even more impressive is that perched on top of some of the rocks are ancient Orthodox monasteries. Monks arrived in Meteora in the 14th century and built these monasteries up in the clouds away from distractions of civilization. Some of which are still open and working today 1,300 feet in the air.       


Nisyros is a fantastic location for immersing yourself in natural splendour. This island is different from others as it’s made up of an active volcano. It’s been centuries since its last eruption which transformed the landscape into a rugged paradise. You won’t find many beaches here, but what you will find are natural hot springs, burrowing craters such as the Stefanos Crater and crystal clear waters. Hike along the 40 walking trails up into the mountainous landscape to the once abandoned village of Emporio. Here you can take in uninterrupted views of the flourishing landscape with deep valley gorges and the glistening blue sea. 


Popular for its nightlife and stunning beaches, Zante’s shore is stunning. With a northern coastline in the Ionian Islands, you can expect crystal clear waves and a rocky sandstone cliff edge. Take a boat or canoe through the Blue Caves to explore the mysteries that lie within them. Created from natural erosion and due to the reflection from the sun, the water glows a stunning blue colour. While on the boat tour you may spot Loggerhead Turtles that often reside in the Ionian Sea. 

Lake Kerkini 

With flocks of birds migrating to this sprawling waterway throughout the year, Lake Kerkini offers an unforgettable experience. With water lilies over the vista and the Belasica mountains as its backdrop, you can enjoy the peaceful setting as you explore. Over 20,000 Pochard birds have previously been spotted as well as White-tailed Eagles and Grey-White Egrets. Cranes and Dalmatian Pelicans visit in the wintertime and a number of animals such as jackal, amphibians and buffalo call this natural area home too.   
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