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Find your family fun in France

Find your family fun in France
Winter seems to drag on endlessly this time of year, so it’s only natural to start thinking about getting away, and the sunny south of France is calling your name!
The French Riviera is renowned for its glorious beaches and elegant seaside destinations. It’s an area bursting with great food, fascinating history, and gorgeous scenery – and it’s perfect for your next adventure whenever you’re planning to go.

Discover Avignon

If you’re looking for history, then visit the town centre of Avignon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bursting with amazing architecture, from the Pont Saint-Bénézet to the Palais des Papes, a former Papal home. You can walk for hours admiring the gothic and medieval buildings. If you want to learn even more about this fantastic town then take a tour - they’re often guided by a local expert. Hear the history first-hand and come away with a greater understanding as to how the town came to be.  And for even more culture, you could book your Avignon stay in July to experience the Festival d'Avignon, one of the largest performing arts festivals in the world. 
Image of Cannes City in France with boats on the water

Make waves at Cannes

With amazing turquoise waters, fresh seafood, and mild winters it’s a fantastic destination to visit all year round. If you want a beach day we’d recommend the Plage du Midi, easily accessible from the centre of town, with sunlounge hire and restaurants close at hand. If you want to make the most of the Mediterranean Sea, the don’t just look at it – sail on on it! Hiring a boat or taking part on a yacht sailing trip offer opportunities to snorkel, paddle board, or simply relax onboard as the stunning mountain views pass you by. If you want to experience some glitz and glam book for May, which is when the world-famous Cannes Film Festival is held. 

Escape to the Château 

Nothing says French countryside more than a château surrounded by acres of vineyards. There are heaps to choose from, but Château des Bertrands is a country house owned by the winery of the same name that has it all. Set within a protected Natura 2000 zone with breath-taking countryside views, it comes with an outdoor pool that’s sure to keep the kids entertained whilst you relax nearby. The winery also operates an equestrian centre, so you can explore the surrounding natural beauty on a horse ride, and they even run vineyard tours on horseback for a truly unique experience. The château is also a five-minute walk from the Lac des Escarcets Trailhead, perfect for seeing some of the protected animal species that live by the beautiful lake. Be sure to bring back a bottle or two of the Château des Bertrands wine so you can share a glass with friends as you tell them all about your trip. 

Magnificent Marseille 

The oldest city in France, starting out as an ancient Greek colony, is booming with things to keep every holidaymaker happy. A unique way to see as much as possible of what this great city has to offer is to book onto a segway tour. See the sights of the Museum Marseilles, Cathédrale La Major, and the historic Le Panier, while you zip around the streets. The highlight though is the panoramic view of the city from the Notre-Dame de la Garde. All that exploring is sure to make you hungry, so why not try some of the local delicacies available. Grab a bowl of panisse, creamy yet crispy fried chickpea chips, perfect for an on-the-go treat to keep you going. You’ll be feeling like a proper Marseillais in no time. 
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