Things to do in London this winter

Jessica Lone Summers 25 October 2019

Make sure you don't miss out on these brilliant London events over the Christmas break

Head to a rooftop

Yes, you heard that right, rooftops are not over just because summer is. In fact, if you find the right one, they’re thriving despite the cold and offer spectacular views of the twinkling city come night time. Our favourite throughout the colder season is Skylight which offers much more than just a place to sip your favourite cocktails, so dust off those skates because their rooftop ice-rink is about to become your new favourite hobby (open October 31–January 25).

Come here for a boogie with a huge list of popular DJs, snuggle up in your very own igloo, spend a night decorating Christmas trees and see in the New Year with a huge celebration welcome 2020.

Warm your cockles 

Everyone knows the best way to get toasty is with a plate of good grub. And what grub is warmer than Indian grub? Head to Indian Accent for the wildest ride of flavours you’ll experience in the entirety of London.

Mixing delicate textures with fiery flavours, the sweet with the spicy and the crunchy with the smooth, you’ll feel as though you’ve got a firework party taking place in your mouth. 

Take a walk on the wild side

Christmas at Kew Gardens is truly a sight to behold, with light shows ranging from sparkling arches to hedges that sing, you’ll walk around in wondrous amazement.

Brilliantly eye-catching installations will keep you smiling with child-like glee as you wander through. If you do one Christmassy outing this winter, we vote you make it this.

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