The world's craziest festivals

BY Cornelia Kumfert

1st Jan 2015 Travel

The world's craziest festivals

Crazy festivals all over the world are out there just waiting to be celebrated. Join Cornelia Kumfert on a trip to the most unusual events taking place around the globe.

Burning Man Festival

Image via Robocast

Every year in Nevada (US) there is artwork and curiosities galore to marvel at when the Black Rock Desert changes into a mammoth art exhibition.

In August and September, some 70,000 people come here to celebrate the Burning Man Festival. 


San Diego Comic Con

comic con

Surely superheroes don’t queue? Well, at San Diego’s Comic Convention they do.

Each July they open their doors to fans of Superman and other comic figures. More than 100,000 annual visitors have paid homage to their mythical heroes.


Crying Baby Festival, Tokyo

sumo baby cry

Nappy time! At the Crying Baby Festival in Tokyo (Japan), sumo wrestlers do what they can to bring babies to tears.

Sadism run riot? Certainly not! It’s a 400-year-old tradition based on a Japanese proverb, which says that crying babies grow fastest and parents believe the event brings good health to their children.


Palio Contest, Siena

palio italy

Fame and honour await the winner of the Palio contest in Siena (Italy).

In July and August, ten inhabitants of different districts of the city jockey for first place in a spectacular horse race.

The trophy goes to the contestant whose horse crosses the finishing line first—whether he’s still in the saddle or not. 


Highline Meeting, Monte Piana


A very special sporting event takes place annually in September when so-called “highliners” meet up for concerted action in the Italian Alps.

At the Highline Meeting in Monte Piana (Dolomites) they join forces to balance their way from peak to peak. From time to time they take a breather—not in some cosy hotel, but 7,545 feet up on the mountainside.


The Great Gorilla Run, London

gorilla run

Monkey business in London. The Great Gorilla Run will be taking place for the 14th time in September this year to raise money for endangered mountain gorillas.

Each year hundreds of people participate—all wearing gorilla costumes, of course! 


The Day of the Dead, Mexico

day of the dead

Skulls, grotesquely colourful sweets and paper skeletons? Welcome to the Day of the Dead.

In early November, Mexicans commemorate their deceased with this opulent festival. The streets turn into a garish fun-mile full of people dancing, laughing and eating—preferably skulls made of icing sugar. 


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