The six most stylish things to do in the UK


1st Nov 2021 Travel

The six most stylish things to do in the UK
Historic landmarks, fascinating architecture, and idyllic countryside, there are plenty of things to do in the UK right now. Here are the six most stylish activities you can do on your trip to England. 
England is a lovely place. This green and lovely location was, and still is, an inspiration to poets, painters, artists of all kinds, writers and filmmakers. Surrounded by stunning scenery and some of the fanciest and most romantic hotspots, England offers one-of-a-kind experiences for both visitors and travellers. 
All across the UK, there are a number of fascinating sights and exciting places that will amaze you. To help you plan your first adventure in England, we've put together some of the best tips for stylish things you can do here. 
Here is our list of the six most stylish things you can do in the UK during your trip.

1. Visit luxurious Soho

If you want to have some of the most luxurious experiences of your life while visiting the UK, you need to make sure that you visit Soho.
Soho is one of the most exciting areas of London. This popular place is well known for its lively nightlife, fancy restaurants, and gallant celebrations, be it music, art, literature, or fashion.
There are so many cool and fancy things to do in Soho, from visiting the Photographer's Gallery to visiting the French landmark, the Notre Dame de France, going shopping for books in Foyles, and having a delicious ice cream dessert at Chin Chin Dessert Club. If you're a music lover and appreciate the idea that music sounds better and fancier on vinyl, you can also take a trip to Soho's cool record shops. You'll find about 50 record shops to choose from.
Moreover, in Soho, you can also relax in some of England's most fashionable and fancy hotels.

2. Wander around the dreamy Italian-style village in Wales

If you find yourself in North Wales during your trip to England, you need to visit Portmeirion. Here, you'll find a piece of Italy. Yes, you've read that right!
Portmeirion is a Mediterranean-style village where you can have some very stylish experiences. It is a multi-coloured place set on its own fascinating peninsula, reaching into an estuary. Think of it as a corner of Italy in the heart of the UK. No matter how weird it may sound, be sure that it is an exciting thing to see.
While it is not exactly the most accurate depiction of the life that Welsh people have here, it is absolutely worth a visit for all the intricate buildings, breathtaking beaches, and lush gardens it is home to.
This place was specifically designed to resemble the Italian Riviera, being inspired by its architecture of it and the bright shades used. It is also home to a number of exciting attractions like Telford's Tower, the Battery square, Till House, and plenty of cosy cafes and restaurants.

3. Take a stylish hot tub gateway

After walking for days to visit the most scenic landmarks in England, it is time to sit back (in a hot tub) and relax and rest your weary feet.
If you're looking for a stylish experience that will be a cure for aching muscles after a long hard day of walking around and visiting plenty of places, you can go to a cabin with hot tubs and enjoy some relaxation.
There are so many nice places where you can get this one-of-a-kind experience, from Devon to Cornwall, Brighton, Edinburgh, and many others. The experts from hottubbreakaway.co.uk have more advice on where you can find the most idyllic hot tub breaks in the UK.

4. See a Royal Shakespeare Company production in the riverside theatre

If you want to travel back in time to the time of the famous English playwright William Shakespeare, you must visit Shakespeare's Globe. This world-renowned theatre is also an education centre and a major cultural landmark in England. Here's where you can get a stylish Elizabethan-style experience.
At Shakespeare's Globe in London, you'll be able to see some very nice plays. Yet, if you're looking for an even more authentic and exciting experience, go to pretty Stratford-upon-Avon and see a Royal Shakespeare Company production at the riverside theatre there.
If you're a theatre enthusiast, not to mention if you absolutely love Shakespeare's work, this place is a must-visit. You'll be able to immerse yourself with the most Shakespearian experiences you cannot find anywhere else than in the playwright's birth town.

5. Visit the Titanic museum

If you want to learn more about the famous sinking ship Titanic and see for yourself a bit of the luxury that the passengers on this giant "unsinkable" ship experienced, you need to visit the Titanic Belfast museum.
The "unsinkable" ship has made the headlines around the globe since its sinking in 1912 and still continues to be an interesting topic for many around the world.
The Belfast museum is home to some of the most exciting experiences you can have related to Titanic. More exactly, you can explore interactive galleries that allow you to "walk" on the decks of the ship that descended to the depths of the Atlantic. It's all special effects, reconstructions, and rides, so you'll be safe but have a truly authentic experience here.

6. Have afternoon tea in china cups

No matter where in England you are, you simply can't go wrong with an afternoon cup of tea. Afternoon tea is a very popular activity here. In fact, serving cups of tea is a cultural thing for Brits, so you must do so too if you really want to experience the culture here.
There are so many stunning places to serve tea in china cups across England, from Aunt Martha's Victorian Tea Rooms in Gloucestershire to Scoff and Banter in London, The Fourteas in Stratford-upon-Avon, and Mrs Knotts Tearoom in Dover.
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