The fly & cruise low down: what, why, how, when?


1st Jan 2015 Travel

The fly & cruise low down: what, why, how, when?

Today, the possibilities of cruise lines, itineraries and departure destinations are endless. Thankfully, because of fly cruises, where we live no longer restricts which ocean adventure we can embark upon.


Our exclusive cruise partner, Fusion Cruises, lay down the fly & cruise facts. 

What exactly is a “fly cruise”?

A Fly Cruise is an exciting combo of world travel, involving jetting out to a distant port and setting sail from foreign shores. While there are a range of cruise holidays departing from UK ports, a Fly Cruise can add much more flexibility convenience and personalisation to your trip. It allows you to embark upon any cruise with any itinerary, anywhere around the world!

Once the decision’s been made, you will fly from your choice of regional airport to be met at the other end and transferred to your departure port. After a relaxing cruise holiday, you are then transferred back to the airport for your flight home, refreshed and invigorated.

So why should I choose fly & cruise?

A Fly Cruise is particularly appealing if you’ve got your eyes set far across the horizon, and want to explore places much further than our relatively close European neighbours. There are of course many options to travel to far off lands directly from the UK, such as transatlantic voyages to East Coast USA, Canada and the Caribbean, as well as grand World Cruises. But if you want to explore distant Pacific islands and ancient Oriental temples without embarking on a 4-month-long circumnavigation voyage, or you’d like to skip the days at sea that crossing the Atlantic involves, then a Fly & Cruise is for you.

But even if you’re looking to venture out a little bit closer to home, a Fly Cruise can still be the best option for you. Perhaps you’ve already done your fair share of travelling. The Fly & Cruise allows you to pick a voyage that cuts out the ports you’ve already been to. Focus on one particular area you are yet to explore, like the glistening, thermal lakes of Scandinavia or the bustling bazaars of North Africa, and depart from a port within that region.


How do I fly & cruise then?

Well, we’re glad you finally asked. That’s the best bit. With an independent agency, you can personalise your voyage so that you can Fly & Cruise any way you want!

There is always the option to arrive on the morning of your cruise departs. But maybe you want to lay down some roots in an exotic, foreign destination for a while and join the locals? By adding a week or even just a few days at the beginning or end of your cruise, you can slowly uncover a destination’s personality, history and way of life. Just slip away down Kerala’s backwaters or hike off along Alaska’s glacier-tipped mountains. There is even the option of picking and choosing select destinations within a cruise itinerary and then skipping the segments in between, either flying home or venturing away and inland at a specific destination. You can then re-join the cruise adventure at any stage, in any port around the world.

Cruise lines can book airfare for you as part of your holiday package with them. However, they usually offer a lot less flexibility, such as restricting which UK airport you can fly from. Independent travel agencies, such as Fusion Cruises, have no restrictions at all, and have no financial affiliation to any travel company either - so they can actually source the most convenient and cheapest options possible.

Well, when should I fly & cruise?

You like what you hear! But don’t jump into the Fly Cruise just yet. It’s best to the consider all the details and weigh up your options when it comes to timing. When is the best time for you to fly in for your cruise? Will you try to save spending on a hotel room by flying in the morning of your cruise departure? Is it worth the stress of facing a possible delay or cancellation? Should you arrive the day before your cruise departs instead? Will you be able to fit this into your budget?

Fusion Cruises can help you weigh up all the pros and cons of different flight options and timings, filtering in your budget and resolving any unwanted setbacks that might occur on your upcoming journey.