Save Money on travel insurance


1st Jan 2015 Travel

Save Money on travel insurance
Saving money on travel insurance is easy with these great insider tips. To make sure you take out the right insurance plan, we've compiled all our insider knowledge into one concise list. So save yourself money and gain peace of mind.

Consider the options

  • Check your existing policies or credit cards to see if you already have travel protection. 
  • Consider whether your trip is expensive or extensive enough to warrant buying a travel policy. 
  • Shop for different policies online or through your insurance broker. 
  • Always read the fine print and call the customer service number to make sure the policy suits your lifestyle and the trip you are taking.

Stay organised

  • Photocopy your policy (and insurance contact numbers) and keep one copy at home, one in your luggage and one with your passport and wallet. 
  • Keep all travel receipts and save emails showing you booked and paid for a ticket or trip. You may need to produce these later when making a claim.

Communicate INCIdents with your insurer

If you have an accident overseas, try to get an official police, hospital or consular report. Contact your insurance policy provider as soon as you can after an incident and find out what information they need. If you’re caught in a “circumstance beyond your control” – like an unexpected riot or terrorist attack – your insurance company may extend your coverage. Be sure to ask.